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Valentine's Day Hairdo and Makeup Idea inspired by SNSD's Tiffany Hwang

by - February 08, 2015

Valentine's Day is getting nearer and I ludicrously mistook 10th Feb as the big day for all lovebirds around the world. Instead, 10 Feb is my 3rd sis birthday. How dare I made this kind of silly yet funny mistakes?! Can't for give myself. Anyway, do you have any idea or plan on hairdo and makeup for this romantic occasion? 

I understand there are still a minor loop of girls think that they are not gonna dress up or ask their love ones to buy any fancy presents for them on that day. They prefer that kind of act-if-after-married moments where they wear casual housecoat and have a homecook meal with their boyfriends or husbands. I'm definitely not in this category. Not saying that I ask for something expensive and big ticket but to dress up and go to some nice ambience restaurant for enjoying a rare high-life spirit. We girls should cherish ourselves as much as how our parents lavish love on us. We are their forever baby girls. We should make ourselves pretty and enjoy the youthfulness. If you don't hold the chances now, I think you'll definitely and undoubtedly regret when you enter the age of 30, or maybe earlier, 26 where your body metabolism is starting.... ... you know....haha!

The Valentine's Day Hairdo and Makeup by Tang Karen Makeup Artist!
 This hairstyle is actually inspired by two female artist including Tiffany Hwang of SNSD and 龙门客栈的金老板(a character from a Taiwanese drama). I told Tang Karen Makeup Artist the idea of my inspiration and she nailed it on my head! I like it so much!

I always like the style and feel expressed by Tiffany. She is such a beauty and fashion icon who always on the top of my go-to list of inspiration. They both share the similar hairstyle which is parting their hair from the side with 7:3 ratio and having a romantically big wave. Plus, the dangling earrings add on the additional marks on the sexy side.

This is my version by Tang Karen Makeup Artist!

As for the makeup, I think going light is the best when you have your date on the afternoon or even morning. I chose to stick with the Korean style makeup instead of the thick-eyelashes like an ostrich.

The back side.

Alright, until here for today! I hope you enjoy this post.

Makeup Hairdo: Tang Karen Makeup Artist
 Photographer: Wendy Goh aka Goh Wan Theng
Editor: It's me! Wonder Queen aka T2SM.
If you are interested, please kindly PM (Personal Message/ Inbox) Tang Karen Makeup Artist via Facebook. Services: Wedding, Occasional Dinner Makeup, Day Makeup, Convocation Makeup, Prom Night, Male Makeup and etc.

Thanks for reading!

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