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CNY 2015 Updates

by - February 24, 2015


 Taken from: wonderqueen_
YOYOYO! I can't believe that CNY is gonna end soon! Here's a little updates of the CNY 2015!

If you'd followed my instagram, [ wonderqueen_ ], I tried to post a pic each day since I always neglect this platform! Haha! I don't know why but I think there's a hacker or something who always reset my profile to public whenever I set it as private! After all these year of trying to private my instagram and failing, I decided just let it be. Haha!

This is Chor 1. I expected myself to wake up after 12pm coz on the 30th I went to 3 temples in the late late night and slept at 2.30am. But I woke up at 8am something. Sorry that I didn't take any photos of the food rave-up on 30th. It was just a mainstream steamboat. Nothing much special! This is what I ate...

 Japanese 糖心蛋 Sugar Heart eggs (I googled it and it direct translated so funny!) Made from scratch by my 3rd sis! She never fails to nail this! I like it so much!

 元宝 Dumplings made from scratch once again by her. But I helped her to wrap it! And I secretly add something special wasabi in one of the dumplings. Until now I still don't know who is the lucky one!

 Too bored as they were still struggling in the monopoly game so I found a new awesome spot to take selfie!
After dinner, 2nd sis brought me to Qbay for no reason! We just randomly window shopped where all shops were closed and decided to enjoy a cup of Baskin Robin! I bought 1 memory pillow and carried it all the way in this mall. Haha! Then Karen said she wanted to take pics then... ...

Pics taken from her instagram...

Chor 2: no pics as I just wore my pajamas and lolled in my sofa and watched TV with handfuls of snacks!

Chor 3: Getaway to Ipoh!
 We went there to fetch my elder sis! We departed on 10.30am and had a long uphill battle with the everlasting 2 hours in the car!

  Taken from: wonderqueen_
 This is like a MUST for us! Every time we come here, we'll sure and undoubtedly go to this DIMSUM restaurant. Fu Shan 怡保富山茶楼! Freakingly crowded! We arrived there at about 12.30pm and all I could see was heads!!! Fortunately we got a place to finally sit down and prepare to dine. Yet, we still had to lineup for grabbing the 'greasy' dimsum! Here's just a part of our choices! I ate so much! I could not believe in myself to be in saddle with temporary bulimia during CNY! Kill me! After 3 days of non-stop eating of sai sai food (#noclean) I faced constipation and red eye and I just feel so hot even now I'm in an air-conditioned room.

Chor 4: Buffet at Lone Pine
Despite of my sickness, I told myself, 'it's okay, last day of not eat clean! haha!'. I woke up at 5am due to the loud snoring in my room. Went downstairs and watched TV. My 3rd sis #JIO me to shake it off with Jackson. So what is that?! Actually, we went swimming in the early morning. The last time was 4 years ago. Luckily, I still managed to swim! After 1.5hrs of swimming and giggling in the pool, we went home and prepare for buffet!
 FOODSSSS again! Oyster, scallops, sashimi! This was just a part of food!
 After fueling, little photoshoot was waged.
 Super candid shot!
Alright, I just ferreted out that my school was reopened yesterday. So today still need to attend class! Celaka! Why you guys need to start the school so early one! I think next week would be the best timing after baitigong! Never mind since this sem would be my very last sem, so I gotta cherish it! BYE!

PS: sorry for not replying your emails recently as I am too busy. Would try to clear it ya!


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