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Kitchen Twenty Three @ Elit Avenue

by - September 19, 2015

Kitchen Twenty Three is the newly launched (not long ago) cafe or better known as a restaurant priced at the reasonable range at Elit Avenue. On the other day, Wendy (the name that I gave her, haha sounds like her parents who give their own child a Christian name) and I finally met up after a long interlude. Originally, we planned to have our lunch at a cafe called St. Press (not sure is it correct), but unfortunately, we went inside to have a glimpse on the menu board at the counter, learnt that a lot of items had been cancelled. This triggered our unwilling instinct to leave there in no time. We then stumbled upon this restaurant, the reason that dragged us towards it was probably the ablaze crystal chandelier nearby the entrance. We perceived it was quite in style. A serendipitous place for us to 'melepak'. 

The streaming crowds were having their lunch break, nearly full-house. As we stepped in, a Chinese waiter directed us to the seats and gave us a super friendly hospitality. I have a humongous suspecting thought about whether he is the owner of this space.
The menu is simple, nothing fancy. I saw some netizens complained on their too-casual printing menu clipped on a board. To me, it's always okay as long as the food is worth for its price. Plus, I think they are actually target on those office workers and some middle-range salary families to just stuff their stomachs with reasonable price. Currently, they are having the Set Lunch Menu which consists of a Main Course, Soup of  The Day ad Drink priced at RM16.50 per set. This promotion is only valid on the Weekdays, excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday. Just managed to take pics of two pages of their menu. I think they change their set lunch menu daily as what I got was the Thursday menu.

In apologia of us not ordering 2 sets but only one set with an additional Main, this is because of ME, I'm not a fan of set kind of thingy. As per my run-of-the-mill habit, I don't order set. First, you'll normally be limited to options provided. Second, I prefer sky juice to the sugary, colourful and soothing for a sweltering weather kind of drinks. Third, I don't really like to drink soup. I like to bite things not gulping down the liquidized soup with high calories. So.... this is quite sane right? 

Thai Style Spaghetti (RM 14)
Special sauce cooked with prawn, cuttlefish and vegetables. First and the foremost, I need to admit that I always have to face this kind of difficulties when it comes to options. So, I decided to ask the guy waiter which one did he prefer. He suggested us this and so we ordered it. Luckily, it didn't let us down! We were surprised by the rich taste of the special sauce. I think I taste the Tomyam flavor. The prawn is fresh and chewy but the cuttlefish has not gained my point at all. One unexpected remark is the texture of the spaghetti, it's well-cooked and achieving the al dente qualification! Do you know, there is a list of cafes in downtown area which cannot even meet this basic borderline. Hence, this explains it all, you should just try their spaghetti!

Crispy Nestum Chicken (RM16.50)
Deep fried chicken breast served with coleslaw and brown sauce (butter rice or spaghetti but we made a special request to have mash potatoes). I did scanned on the customers order while we first stepped in, many of those who ordered this dish. We did the mainstream too. A little bit under the line of what we expected it to be. The chicken breast is a bit hard to bite in. Yet, the orange colour sauce smells so good! Full of the butter garlic smell but I think it's high in calories....Haha stop wailing! Cheer up! No eat no gain! This provides me a strong reason to hit the GYM!
 Aiyer~! Why my face was that puffy on that day?!
 With OPPO N3 in hands, who needs others to help take pics?! Muahaha!
 What was she doing?
On that day, there was a group of office workers gathered in celebration of one of their colleague birthday. They even played the birthday song for her which made me drawing back my retrospect of having my birthday during my kindergarten period.

Details of Kitchen Twenty Three
 Address: 1-1-48/49, Elit Avenue, Bayan Baru, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: 04-611 8881
Business Hours: 9am to 10pm (CLOSED on SUNDAY!)
Facebook: Kitchen Twenty Three
Now I only know that this restaurant is the 2nd branch, the first one is the one which is situated nearby my house at Batu Maung. No wonder lah~! I think its name is kinda familiar at first sight! HAHA!
And, specially thanks to Iping unnie for buying us the nutritious soybean. But here to remark, brown sugar ruins the nutrients haha
See you guys next time! Not literally see but see me on your PC or laptop only...haha!

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