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檳城德式餐館 Ben's Diner @ Sunway Tunas, Penang.

by - October 24, 2016

{檳城德式餐館 Ben's Diner @ Sunway Tunas, Penang.}
大家別來無恙嗎?今天想與大家分享上個月嘗到的美味---Ben's Diner。應該不陌生吧?因爲這家德國餐館已開張有一段時間了,並且上過了蠻多次的報章。Ben's Diner是位于Bayan Lepas, Sunway Tunas裏。那裏算是蠻難找的,像我醬的路痴必定會迷路!哈哈!早前陳家老3就推薦過無數次了,這次是本宮第一次的初體驗。很多人都說Ben's Diner的德國香腸非常棒,但是我沒有點到這一道也。大家可以去嘗看,然後告訴我好不好吃咯!讓我們一同看看Ben's Diner的食物唄!Hello everybody! How are you? Today, I'm gonna share a Penang Restaurant that I chanced upon last month --- Ben's Diner. I think it's quite popular among all of the Penang Food Hunters right? The underlying reason is that this German eatery had kick-started its business for quite some time and being gazetted on newspaper several times before. Ben's Diner is situated in Bayan Lepas, Sunway Tunas area. I think that area is quite hard to search for especially when you are a direction-less kinda ppl like me!!! Haha! My 3rd sis, Christine had been recommending this to me previously but I'd never been there before and this is my first time. Quite a lot of people saying that their German sausage is yummy but I did not order it for that day. You guys may go and try it and tell us whether it's nice! Let's see the food from Ben's Diner together!
我們兩人叫了一個午餐優惠套餐和一個單點。We ordered 1 set lunch and 1 ala carte.

外面是醬的,有點兒Old School的感覺。有點像70年代的理髮店。哈哈!
From the outer site, it carries a slightly old school vibe. Like a barber in 70s. Haha!

The interior design is more to a home style feel, but as well carries a mere German feel. I think the motorcycle is the only thing in the limelight! I was wanting to sit on it but... I think the owner would be dumbfounded!

This is not HALAL! They serve PORK!!!

Actually they have the monthly special menu which includes the set lunch and the ala carte item below.

If you order a set lunch, you'll get a glass of lime juice and a bowl of tomato soup.

I think it taste quite dainty!

 牧羊人豬餡餅 Pork Shepherd's Pie(RM23)
This is my freaking very FIRST time tasting the Shepherd's Pie! I always thought that it has the buttery layered pastry on top. Bacon & salad. I think the minced pork doesn't carry the weird odour, there's mash potato and cheese on top. Smells great, but I still prefer to eat that kind of harder food that will make my teeth feel that they have do their great job! Haha!

 烤雞肉塊 Baked Boneless Chicken(RM18)
One word, GOOD! The chicken is fresh and juicy, perfectly baked. The potato cuts are cooked flawlessly as well. It became better when you taste it together with the complementary sauce. Lemon sourish flavor that can ignite your appetite for sure!

YUPE! She is the one who always guides me in good and bad ways haha!

Bon Appetite!!!
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Details of Ben's Diner Retaurant:
Address: 43-G, Persiaran Mahsuri 1/1, Sunway Tunas, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.
Business Hour: EVERYDAY but CLOSED on SAT (11.45am-2.15am & 6pm-9.15pm)
Tel: 019-528 8271

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