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When a Chinese Girl makes good friends with Malay Buddies! Farewell feast @ Dave Deli, Queensbay Mall, Penang.

by - October 03, 2016

{When a Chinese Girl makes good friends with Malay Buddies! Farewell feast @ Dave Deli, Queensbay Mall, Penang.} I've been wanting to blog about this since ages ago. I uploaded this batch of photos privately on my blog for quite some time... This was happened on a Friday, 29th July 2016. It's October now! OMG! I should really learn how to manage my time! But I always behave like this,  haha! The reason why I like to defer blogging about an event is that I still write my personal handwritten journal at night. Not every night of course (sometime after work I'll be like a zombie and lied dying on my bed). By blogging it late can help me to retrospect all those precious memories me and my fellow buddies created together and help me to remind myself on how grateful I should me and my authenticity of life. We often get drifted off by some superficial things and people. When I was still in primary school, I used to follow the majority to boycott and see my 'team bully leader' to bully the others. I wasn't wanting to boycott those victims but I was being forced to if I didn't want to be the next victim.
A snapshot! I'll introduce them to you all later!

Yesh! Story continues here! Not until I lost weight did I realize that we should RUN our own life. OMG! I foresee that this blog post would be flooded with many words and topics! Haha! But you know what, when you got the kick/feel, you just can't stop writing, if you were a blogger/author/writer as well. Why did I say that we should RUN our own life? I used to be fat, maybe you can't really relate to that assumption of how obese I were. Haha! My parents probably could not believe how obese I used to be as well. When you think you are fat, you'll naturally lose all of your confidence. I was quite devoid of confidence when I was at 17-19 years old. I was intensively scared of how others might see and rate me. Tended to join the majority again coz those 'team leads' of the majority were often so confident and acting like a drama queen (like Kimkardashian family haha). But through the diet and weight loss journey, it transformed me into a person who is quite independent and doesn't not really care of how the others might perceive me. I'll do whatever I want at anytime, anywhere! Haha! Where am I?! I don't even know how does this go so far? Haha! Okay, back to the topic!

Maybe people might be curious of why I am so befriended with Malay buddies instead of Chinese ones. Erm, I also make lots of Chinese friends okay?! Haha! But I don't know, I think it all goes back to destiny. When it's your fate to be with someone, you can't even know the reason why. Feel like singing Taeyeon's , you'll get what I meant if only you were a KPOP fan haha! Alright, one of our friends decided to pursue her dream, Putri, the mulut-murai one haha so we went to have fun on her very last day in workplace. YESH! We went to the Dave Deli's for lunch!

Since I am not allowed to have the cold coleslaw so I ordered this ala carte drumstick. The sauce was like banjir, so much! Haha! MMM, conclusion is... I still prefer this one to Nando's haha!

Yo! She is Afeefah but I always call her Peepah or Siti Nurhaliza haha coz I think she's pretty! She used to be my neighbour in office for almost 4 months but now we were parted haha! We used to talk and ask each others questions regarding works. I use a lot of broken Malay in conversation, don't judge haha! She learns a lot of Chinese and Hokkien from me, like Jilaka! Haha! She's a really good friend of mine, she's helpful and cheerful! N Happy Belated Birthday to you! Can't wait to celebrate it with you! PS: She's my weight loss partner but her slogan is 'Everyday~ Cheatday!'. Haha!

From the left to right: me lah of course, Peepah, Kak Shazreen and our mulut murai mia Putri haha!
Kak Sha is always one of the 'dieting' members haha she's very feminine one coz she talks in soft and sweet voice! For Putri, instead of mulut murai, she's quite a persistent person that she used to hit her target. Haha! She's utterly funny!  

Back to the office, our fellow Vietnamese friend namely Minh brought his professional DSLR and so we took some group pics for memory collection purpose!
Wow! If you really want me to name all of these ppl... Alright! 
From the left at the back: Zee (he's a funny guy), Zul (super funny and says something crazy or funny with a poker face), Peepah (description as above haha), Piyanet (my lovely mentor, very nice and helpful, if you know me well, you'll know how I usually ask questions, a bunch, and she answers me in smile and patience! She's a Thai Chinese!), Michael (1 month before, he was my neighbour. Although, he's not my mentor but he always helps us in deciphering all of our mazes. I'm actually his nanny haha and he has a god sister, I'll introduce you later on.).
From the front left: Hari (He used to me my neighbour 4 months ago, my's ex-manager, he has beard which he's always proud of, but I still prefer that face without beard haha coz with that beard does remind me of ISIS terrorist OH NO! I always cannot see him or his face if there's some lighting contrasts kinda problem. Not being racist, it's real! My eyes are my weaknesses and I always wish that I could wake up with perfect vision! He's a good manager and I'm happy that I used to be under him. BUT, my current manager is cuter! haha!), Caiyao (she talks softly and sometime, I can't even listen to her voice haha, she's my senior as well. She's helpful!), Rouqing (First, I thought she's elder than me but....haha! She's a clever girl with quick thinking! She taught me a lot of techniques at work that I call it as work hacks that save much of my time! THANKS to her!), Shakina (I thought she's a quite person but hell NO! Recently, we got close and her personality is pretty bubbly and cute!), Putri (see above lah~), Denise (She used to me my neighbour 1 month ago. She's Michael's god sis under me for nanny's care haha. I think she's a complex person with roller coaster like mood. 'I'm so SAD', 'I'm so HAPPY', 'I'm so ANGRY', yesh that's the cons of sitting next to her or nearby her. Her voice is quite load. I used to perceive her as an arrogant person by looking at her face haha! I think she's quite a crazy person. Haha! Thanks GOD that I just moved to another cubicle haha!), Me and another Afeefah haha so we always call her Afeefah1 (She's sitting 1 cubicle away from me, I used to think that she might be a serious person but NOPE! HAha! She's very helpful and funny!!! Lately, she's one of the people who I talk to a lot haha!).
That one who jumped up is Minh. He's not that tall so... But he's very helpful and friendly but some might suspect that it depends on the gender haha!

Alright! BYE everyone!!! What a long blog! Applause for you if you're still HERE! Haha!

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