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泰国🇹🇭泰好吃的小碗公船面@ Boat Noodle @ IKEA Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

by - April 09, 2017

泰国🇹🇭泰好吃的小碗公船面@ Boat Noodle @ IKEA Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

各位有没有听过👂泰国🇹🇭船面Boat Noodle呀?小小碗公的。今日要与各位分享本宫上回儿到IKEA Damansara时吃的泰国船面Boat Noodle。真的很好吃呀!幸好现在槟城也🈶️了,就在Queensbay Mall, Penang。很多人都吃过,但不一定知道泰国船面的由来呀!原来是因为以前泰国人都是在船上卖这面的,然后为了减低打翻的可能性,所以索性把面盛进小碗公咯~大家就叫这面为船面了。它的原名——Kuay Teow Reua ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ。时不宜迟,快来吃呗!

Is everyone heard of Boat Noodle from Thailand before? A small little bowl one. Today, I'm gonna share with you the memories I last went to IKEA Damansara for this Thailand Boat Noodle. Extremely delicious! Fortunately, we can now have it in Penang too, right at Queensbay Mall, Penang. A lot of people tasted it before, but not everyone know its historical story. In the past even now, Thai vendors sell this kind of noodle on their boat, for the sake of decreasing the possibility of spilling over the noodle, they invented the idea of dishing this noodle into the small bowls. Ever since, people started to name this noodle as 'boat' noodle. Its real name is Kuay Teow Reua ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ.
泰国🇹🇭泰好吃的小碗公船面@ Boat Noodle @ IKEA Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.


Watch my MUKBANG here

Crowded every time. A lot of my Malay friends really like this Boat Noodle eatery. They super in love with their Kaya Toast, I shall try it out next time!

Some sorts of sauces....

A simple page of menu.

One of my recommended snacks!

Uterus getting frozen kinda day. Not my oder though!

After quite awhile, finally...

Fruit Somtam (RM6.90)

这道是开胃菜,真的很激起咱们的味觉与胃口也!有苹果,青的🍏,红的🍎,小番茄🍅,黑葡萄🍇,还有本宫最爱😘的豆豆颗粒!味道酸酸甜甜的,像是初恋的味道。。。啥评论?好Old Style的食评呀!哈哈!就好吃就对啦!
This is sort of an appetizer, it does really wake up our appetite and tastebuds. It has apples, green one and red one, cherry tomato, black grapes, and of course my favourite nuts! The flavor is somewhat sweet and sour, like how you start your first LOVE.... WHAT?! What a pretty old style food comment haha! All I can tell as of now is TASTY lah wey!

Pathumtani (RM 1.90 per bowl)

Black sauce, not that this isn't nice though, it's just I prefer another one. This sauce tastes like made of soy sauce.

Ayutthaya (RM 1.90 per bowl)

I freaking recommend this to you! It tastes like the sauce you dip in while eating your satay. I bet they put in peanuts! DELICIOUS, the sauce is thick! JJANG! Both sauces are not spicy!

It's time to heal our dreadful concert beating like stomach.

Chickaboom (RM 6.90)

OMG! This is really the HEAVEN! Crispy outer part yet soft inside, not too greasy. It has filling inside. Like the Nyonya Otak-otak dishes. Guys, do remember to order this!

Finish! We hit our limit of satisfaction with this!!! There are some cracks on the edges of the bowls, are they purposely made of or? haha!

OK! Hope you guys like this! A no face post haha! See you next round! I think we would meet in my next video!

Details of BOAT NOODLE

Address: No.2 Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia (Inside IKEA)
Business Hour: 10am to 10pm (everyday)
Tel: 010-7683525


BOAT NOODLE in Penang @ queensbay mall➡️


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