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happy birthday to me. another year wiser.

by - April 25, 2017

happy birthday to me. another year wiser.

So, today is my real birthday, 25th Apr. Erm, if you want me to say something touching or drama-like post, sorry, you can't find it here. Coz... my English is not advance till can make you cry. Haha! Just joking. I'm not a person who can really express my own feeling. Plus, my memory is weak which I can easily forget how I feel at the very touching and sentimental moment. This is not fully a bad thing though, coz I'll just erase anything sad or bad in no time keke! My brain is like this, can choose and filter the things. When it comes to exam or presentation, my memory will astound you coz I myself even got amazed by how well I could memorize all those words.

Time passes too fast... I can barely breathe... I felt threatened and try my best to ignore this haha! People always like to ask me how 'young' I am but I'll just throw them with an official answer --- 17 years old. Haha!

I feel like when we grow up, there'd be definitely a part of us unwilling to grow up. Just wanna hold back everything and retrospect all those passed memory. But, what could we do? We're just a normal human being that couldn't change anything. Unless we are the GOD or angkong whatever you name it. Haha!

Birthday. For me is... I don't know, I always feel differently each year. This year, I feel that I became braver and wiser. As per braver, I just went onboard the SuperStar Libra alone with other medias and bloggers without guardians from Tang Family. I even somehow ended up slept alone in my room. Haha! For my family, they'd definitely think that I became braver and this onboard experience is surely one of the best evidences.

Why wiser? I just kinda see through the REAL human beings. Not everyone is your 'plate of chicken rice', some people will irritate you by their 'unique' characteristics. At first, I was really reluctant to accept the truth of how human differs from other 'normal' humans. But, now I became wiser that I can just ignore them and even give them a PRETTY little smile. Haha! Coz I just like to smile. I smile coz I feel speechless.... Haha and I somehow think that they are funny in how they irritate and annoy us.

🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🍰 🍰 🍰 🍰 🍰 🍰


we are so lucky! Coz there are still people who care about us and whom we care about. I'm so lucky that I have the chance to be a part of this beautiful family. I know, at times, like quite many times, we would show our DARK side just to fight over our quarrel. But, it won't last long. Like how me and my sis would always talk to each others back on the next day. One of the underlying reason is.... 'The Secret' taught me so. We should not hold our anger and resentment over night. Haha! But of course, I'd have those moments where I can't really control my temper and disobey the rule of 'the secret' keke.

Yesterday, my bro, supposed to be my bro-in-law but I see him as my real one, he offered to treat me for my bday! Well spent my leisure yet a bit dizzy due to the travel sickness from cruise experience together with my 2nd, 3rd sis and bro. Ate my cake. Laughed. Talked. Felt annoyed by how 2nd sis taking my pics at the wrong angle. Dizzy again.

Although it seems simple and boring but for me, this is more than enough. I don't ask for the hollywood-like life or that kind of birthday party where a lot of people surround you and make you nervous.

Again, thanks bro Jackson for your volunteer treat! Love ya! Thanks 2nd & 3rd sis for your accompanies! Not to forget my eldest sis! Thanks for your ANGPAO! Cash made my day keke! A typical Taurus's here! Besides, thanks 4th sis for your lemon cheese cake haha although it was baked for everyone but I took your words well as you said this was my bday cake!


Today is my real birthday but I won't blow my candle on today as who has mood for this? Tomorrow is another working day! And I'm feeling dizzy now without even realizing the actual factor. So, I'll blow my cake on this Sunday where everyone is here at home.

People asked me why did I work on today since it was my birthday. I was like... Errr... if I apply leave on today... what should I do? My beloveds have to work too haha! Plus, I'd already celebrated my birthday in advance!

BTW, I'm thankful for those colleagues who wished me a Happy Birthday. There are 2 that I need to highlight! ShaSha Coco and Peepah! Thank you girls for the lovely high calories cakes! Haha! They are as sweet as you guys! When I was young, I could not even imagine that I would have made good friends with Malay fellows! I really like talking with you guys coz I felt like I do not have to use my brain with every single conversation, you know what I meant? haha or only Chinese know this concept? Ok, to be simpler, talking with you girls just feel like SYIOK! haha!

Alright! I'll wrap it up here as I did not even realize I had written so many wordsssss! OMG!

Wish me luck in making 3 of my wishes come true!

Love ya!

your author --- Wonder Queen.

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