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Photo of the DAY #3 \\ Trendy Half Up Half Down Bun \\ Lee Sung Kyung's hairstyle?

by - April 01, 2017

Photo of the DAY #3 \\ Trendy Half Up Half Down Bun \\ Lee Sung Kyung's hairstyle?

Yo! So, apparently from the title, we're gonna discuss about this trendy hairstyle. Do you personally like it? That day, HaeB met us in this half up half down bun and said that her friends or colleagues did not get it why she ties up this bun. But, I think she looks great in this hairstyle. It's like IT GIRL's style. Ejoo also said that she looked like Lee Sung Kyung on that day! Haha! People ask me why I don't I tie up this bun too. Well, FACE's problem. You know! FACE! My face shape is not in V and sharp line, that's why... "I'm like TT...." Haha! OK, let's enjoy the pics....

Still remember I asked her to freeze there coz this pose and angle are so right!

Her signature back.

Her legs are to die for~

Her true color that we all love.

Our pretty Qiong~

She insisted to be the ambassador of this so-called 'pure honey'. Haha!

Very difficult to take her pics coz she's way to SHY haha

Not forget to mention, this was a one-shot pic~ My skill was great haha

Macam mahu kahwin je~

The dark side of me~

Take a seat and have a rest~ TQ HaeB for these shots~

We do not need someone else to help us with group pics~

Qiong... Was there a handsome guy out there? Yoseob? hehe

We all looked good in this one except HaeB haha

So, we pretended to be off guard~

The Tauruses accidentally looked at the camera when we were supposed to be off guard~ haha!

Behind the bar? I like Qiong's smile though~


OK, I know, I should work-out~ Been living my life too much lately~

WHAT R U DOING?! Oh I was telling her that Yoseob was behind that freaking door~ That's why~

HaeB was so exhausted just by taking these pics haha coz Ejoo was too shy and forgetting to freeze for the pics~

Alright, hope you guys like this post and BYE!
New video on tomorrow~ Perhaps... if my Wi-Fi is 'healthy'... haha

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