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臭魚腥味|FATHER'S DAY with Megan @ SAKAE Japan Restaurant, Gurney Plaza, Penang.

by - July 17, 2017

臭魚腥味|FATHER'S DAY with Megan @ SAKAE Japan Restaurant, Gurney Plaza, Penang.


So, I went to this SAKAE @ Gurney Plaza after my blogger review at Tokyo Secret. READ it HERE ➡️

It was the real Father's Day, I treated my parents to watch 'The Mummy' in the morning and lunch here. I initially wanted to treat them at Chinese Cuisine but my dad insisted to have Japanese cuisine so... this happened haha~

This is the one which disappoints us! Some kinds of fried fish with curry sauce. But the fish has that smelly fishy odour. I tasted a bit and I felt that. But I thought it was just me so I just ignored it. BUT, after my mom tasted it and we all raised this up to daddy. Dad said, he thought it was supposed to be like this and he kept quiet until we raised our voices haha. I then complained to that waitress and she didn't mention any discount for us but just asked me to fill out that complain form. At last, I asked her again, so are you guys gonna charge us? She then said she'd ask her manager and YES, we did not have to pay this. Actually, they have to FREE us the whole lunch~ Coz this might be a BIG issue haha~

手機控!He can't live without smart phone!

Why did my face look bigger than him?!

Salmon Don Rice
Quite nice! Small bowl but I was too full from that Tokyo Secret review haha~

Terriyaki Chicken Rice
My mom and Meg ordered this, quite nice! Way better than that fish one haha

My mom and Meg

I was quite surprised on how Meg could be so sociable on that day with my parents. Usually, she won't really talk to strangers. Even if she knows you, she might not talk to you a lot haha BUT, I'm so happy that 3 of them mixed up so well!

Great JOB!

Well, nothing much to update on today~ So BYE!


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