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Photo of the DAY #5 \\ SUMMER with KANG GARY in Penang \\ 夏日2017

by - July 25, 2017

Photo of the DAY #5 \\ SUMMER with KANG GARY in Penang \\ 夏日2017

Hey guys! Yupe! It's summer already! I am feeling so HOT each and everyday! Not only that SUMMER HOT but also HOT from the work! SUCKS! Haha! Especially the person I meet recently has driven me crazy! Alright, let's erase the negative part! Throwback to the day where me and my fellow SIAOKIAs gathered just for KANG GARY! Erm... actually wasn't my idea. It was QIONG's! Haha! We waited for KANG GARY at the al fresco area in Paragon Mall for almost 3 hours~ Not exaggerating but it was super TIRING! Unexpectedly, it wasn't that crowded though~ Haha! But if let's say Yu Jae Suk came, then it may be a different story~ Just to show you some of the pics that we shot on that day!

Don't misunderstand, we're still in PENANG! Just the filter made it looks like we were in LA! Haha! Flip hair shot!

Full Story here~

She was like WHAT CHU SHOOTING?!

We're weird weird TAURUSes! Off focus.

I'm always happy whenever I'm with them! Life is too short, just stick to those you like will do!

And, I was standing right beside Wendy and she said OOH this angle is so nice, let me take a photo of you... This happened~

Better a bit!

Best shoot but got a photo bomb at the back! Haha!

Alright! All I can say is, do what you LIKE! If you force yourself in doing the things that your parents want you or the social wants you to do, then your life would be spent unwisely and wastefully. Fortunately, I'm still young when I realised on this fact. 

I'm gonna start LIVING my own LIFE! 

How about you?!

Good LUCK!

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