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【REVIEW】2PM Afternoon Tea 环境优美又价廉物美的下午茶@G Hotel Kelawai, Penang.

by - July 31, 2017

【REVIEW】2PM Afternoon Tea 环境优美又价廉物美的下午茶@G Hotel Kelawai, Penang.

【REVIEW】2PM Afternoon Tea 环境优美又价廉物美的下午茶@G Hotel Kelawai, Penang.

G Hotel Kelawai 的2PM 7月份开始提供价廉物美的双人份三层式下午茶哦!下午茶甜点和糕点加上一壶茶,只要RM50NETT哦!在一家5星级饭店里享受贵妇下午茶只要RM50而已,是不是很物超所值呢?

2PM at G hotel Kelawai is offering affordable Afternoon Tea for 2 pax, featuring a three-tiered silver stands of new treats on the plates from July 2017 onwards. The afternoon tea set includes homemade scones, fruits tartlets, macarons, sliders, French pastries and a pot of tea of your choice. It’s priced at RM50 NETT. RM50 for the luxury afternoon tea at a 5 Stars hotel? Such a good deal right?

我们被邀请参加这次的食物述评与G Hotel Kelawai主办的下午茶照片比赛。
We were invited for the food review and were participated in a fun-filled Afternoon Tea Photo Challenge organized by G Hotel Kelawai.

We were provided with some fresh fruits, pickles and etc to decorate the three-tiered afternoon tea set. Those whipped cream and jams were to be served for the scones. How plentiful it was.

Sweet delicacy, the macarons. These macarons weren’t too sweet and they weren’t sticky at all. You won’t get sick of it even if you take plenty of them. What you will get are happiness and weight gain. LOL!

Charcoal Mini Burger – the patty was made from chicken and shrimp, juicy and tender it was. This was the bomb of the afternoon tea set and to be honest, I ate three.

香肠千层派与司康饼。姐我很爱吃司康,对它有很高的要求,很难找到好吃的。本身还蛮喜欢winter warmer的司康。这里的也很不错,有达标哦!松软带劲,也不会干,搭配草莓果酱及鲜奶油做夹心,简直是天堂。
Sausage pastries and scones. I love scones so much and thus I have high expectations on it. It’s hard to get nice scones out there. I myself quite like the ones from Winter Warmers. Scones here were up to my expectations too. It was soft and chewy and it wasn’t dry at all. It was best served with strawberry jam and whipped cream.

Compared to a dowager, I personally think I looked more like a cleaner.

Eat is my strength yet my weakness (can it be mentioned during a job interview? LOL).I smile when I see good food.

There were plenty of cakes displayed at the cake counter. Don’t they look beautiful? The afternoon tea set comes with a cake of your choice. You can choose your preferred cake from there.

I liked this strawberry tart so much. It was beautiful and it tasted heavenly. The fruit tarts at the back were nice too. The sweetness of all desserts offered here were just nice.

Cleaner auntie in action! Haha!

姐与姐的杰作。This was my masterpiece.

Aside from the inner dining place, it also has the al fresco area~
You can pick an ideal location to have your afternoon tea, whether internal or external seating. I chose external as natural light is the best photo filter after all.
This afternoon tea set also comes with a pot of tea of your choice.

Three tiered afternoon tea is my all time favourite. From my own perspective, it will look not so fancy and attractive if you remove the three tiered setting.

I felt like I was having my afternoon tea somewhere in Europe. The green surrounding made the afternoon tea even more luxurious. Can you imagine that this set will only cost you RM50 for 2pax?

Pirated dowager in action.

石榴鸡尾酒 – 姐最爱鸡尾酒了,甜甜的,酒精的浓度也适中,最适合女性。石榴的味道很香,跟酒还蛮搭的。
Pomegranate mojito – this cocktail was sweet and flavorful and thus suit most of the ladies’ taste bud. The taste of pomegranate was strong and it went well with mojito.


Some ala carte dishes~

Chili Margarita Pizza 辣椒玛格丽塔比萨

This pizza was literally hot and spicy. If you like spicy food, it will definitely be your new favourite.

篮子鸡肉块 – 

Chicken In Basket – crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. What else are you expecting?


Togarishi Rings – I would like to compliment the chef for mastering the art of deep frying. It wasn’t oily at all and the squid was fresh and juicy. It was served with wasabi mayonnaise.

Aurora Pollo Pizza

姐我也在主办单位的小比赛中获得礼卷,谢谢G Hotel Kelawai的邀请!
And I won a cash voucher from the mini competition. Thanks G Hotel Kelawai for having me!

**Don't doubt it, this post was written by my 3rd sis!!! Haha! You gotta pay for what you gain~ haha!

Details of 2PM G Hotel Kelawai

Address: 2 Persiaran Maktab, 10250 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 04-219 0000

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