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Japan's Doutor Coffee 日本優質連鎖咖啡店@ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

by - August 22, 2017

Japan's Doutor Coffee 日本優質連鎖咖啡店@ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

Japan's Doutor Coffee 日本優質連鎖咖啡店@ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

相信大家都尝过从日本🇯🇵来的Doutor Coffee了吧!前阵子可是超火红的哦!全槟城只有一间,就在Gurney Plaza。Doutor开幕的时候,我也是有收到邀请,但是因为是在工作天,所以就没得去咯!看到很多人都上传⏫Doutor的食物,都很精致、很吸睛。但是,评论参半。有些友人说味道普普,但我的三姐她们就说很好吃。身为‘伪’美食部落客的本宫,当然也要试一试、告诉读者食评咯!

I guess everyone has tried out this Doutor Coffee from Japan right? It as such a trend back then! There's only one available in Gurney Plaza, Penang. I received the invitation for Doutor grand opening, but since it was on weekday, so I rejected unwillingly. All those food pictures uploaded by a swarm of people are so bewitching and captivating. BUT, I'd heard of both kinds of comment. Some of my friends said that the flavor is not that decent. Meanwhile my sisters said it's so yummy. As a 'fake \ part-time' food blogger, I'm obliged to give it a try and tell my lovely readers about the food comment!

Total of food order my both of us... consequently, we were not being able to finish it...

Tomato Cream Omu Rice with Shrimp and Mozzarella [RM19.90]

这蛋包饭看了是不是很窝心呢?哈哈!我其实心里很挣扎,到底要点这道还是点舒芙里呢!但是觉得正餐还是得点个饭才行,所以就点了这道🧀️起司蛋包饭。对!我没起司不能活! 但是我觉得它的起司🧀️味太淡了!虽然里头有新鲜的虾仁、健康的花椰菜,但是总觉得味道好像欠缺了一些。。。什么的。哈哈!可能日本人的初衷就是——健康。所以,味道上就比较淡了。它的饭呢,不像日本饭也~分量超大的!!!不是很推这道。但是外表、摆盘真的‘没得顶’呀!
Do you feel homely by just staring at this omelette rice aka omu rice? Haha! I was pretty indecisive between this and the souffle! As an Asian mind, I always feel that lunch is incomplete without rice, so I ordered this cheese omelette rice. YES! I can't live without cheese! However, the flavour is more to a bland side! Although there are fresh shrimps, healthy broccoli, but we kept feeling that the flavor might have something missing....something. Haha! It might due to the objective of Japanese - HEALTHY. So, it's much blander in terms of taste. The rice doesn't taste like Japanese rice~ The portion is gigantic!!! I'm not really recommending this. BUT the presenting of this dish is brilliant and phenomenal.
The pervert 2nd sis even annoyed by saying wanna order desserts. This happened, the sweet one already here even still yet to have a taste of the salty one!

Caramel French Toast [RM15.90]

I thought that the toast would be so crunchy as the appearance looks like it'd be yummy and crunchy~ BUT the actual taste of the toast resembles to the normal bread aka roti. A bit disappointed. Apparently, we only have 4 pieces of banana slices here.... Plus, the scoop of ice cream tastes like those from the common brand... just... well... not recommended!!!

Carbonara with Yolk and Bacon Spaghetti [RM15.90]

这道是我最满意的,因为它的面条煮得非常地赞👍!还保持着QQ的口感。第一口觉得非常地好吃(可能刚吃的蛋包饭衬托了它),但越吃就越。。。觉得好吃是好吃,但是没有好吃到惊艳的味道。反而觉得Sugar On Top的更好吃!
I personally find this the most satisfying one as the pasta noodles are being cooked perfectly that achieves the al dente standard! It still keeps the QQ - springy texture. The first bite was awesome (maybe the omu rice has given the spotlight to this), but it was getting.... It's yummy but not as yummy as shockingly yummy haha. Meanwhile, I think that the one from Sugar on Top is tastier!

Humanity is greedy. 2 persons ordered 3 mains..... BTW, thanks Karen sis for the treat haha! We then watched a super worst HK Chinese ghost movie, 'The House That Never Dies II'. If 10 is the full mark of scariness, this film is just worth of 0.01!!! Super wasting on my time and money!!! Haha!


Alright, all in all, the serving of Doutor is huge, reasonable price, OK in taste, BUT just OK, not that amazingly yummy. Furthermore, I'd like to emphasize on their caring take out service. We couldn't finish our orders and we request for take out. They then helped us to keep our leftover into plastic box and gave us a high-end paper bag (paper bag lookalike from branded clothing)! The service is OK. But when we were waiting in line for bill, the aunty before us had appealed a complain to the cashier claiming that they were being ignored. BUT aunty, you chose to sit at the outside what! Haha!

Details of DOUTOR Coffee Gurney Plaza

Address 170-G-41, Ground Floor, Plaza Gurney, 10250 Penang.
Business Hour: 10am-10pm (Sun to Thu); 10am-11pm (Fri AND Sat)
Tel: 03-8023 1301

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