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NutriBrownRice Instant Healthy Brown Rice Beverage [REVIEW]

by - August 21, 2017

NutriBrownRice Instant Healthy Brown Rice Beverage [REVIEW]

NutriBrownRice Instant Healthy Brown Rice Beverage [REVIEW]

Are you the persons who want to be slim and healthy but do not have time to eat healthily? 

Yes! This is exactly the post for you!!!

Have you ever heard of NutriBrownRice? It's a Malaysian brand established by Abrand Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. Most importantly, it's a brand from Penang which is my hometown!

When we talk about eat healthily, we will first link to brown rice. That's a well-known factor in dieting. But the problem is, we often hear "I hate brown rice! I really can't swallow oats". NutriBrownRice is coming to your rescue. NutriBrownRice has created and developed this smooth and yummy brown rice instant beverage just for you. It can be treated as your breakfast to-go, teatime or snack during your errand or even supper. It also covers all of the nutrition parts that you could ever ask for like vitamin B etc you name it.

NutriBrownRice has introduced a variety of flavours. I received 5 of them comprising of Honey, Original, Original (No sugar added), Oat with Soy Lecithin and Chocolate.

Let's talk about it one by one!


"Contain iron & calcium, good for blood formation & bone health. because the main ingredient is brown rice instead of chocolate/malt, it doesn't cause "heatiness" to your body. Probably more delicious than any other chocolate drinks! Ideal for children!"

Wonder Queen says↧
I think I like this flavor as it doesn't taste too milky and its chocolate flavor is quite rich but not too thick. And it definitely filled up my tummy in that afternoon when I craved for the dessert.

Oat (with Soy Lecithin)

"With tiny chewy instant oat flakes & soy lecithin. If you dislike oat, try this brown rice + oats version instead, you will end up lovin' it. Soy Lecithin improves brain function, lowers cholesterol and it is essential for liver health."

Original (No Sugar Added)

"Suitable for everyone, especially those who are strict in low sugar diet. It contains inulin which acts as prebiotic to promote healthy digestive system. It is mild yet delicious. Ideal for breakfast, teatime and supper. Inulin, a prebiotic fiber that is a natural component that occurs naturally in many plants, has also shown particular promise for Type 2 diabetes. A person with Type 2 diabetes who consumed 10 grams of inulin a day for two months had improvements in glycemic control and antioxidant levels."

Wonder Queen says↧
I encourage you not to buy this if you're not really a fan of oat. This flavor is really very original without any sweetness. Maybe just a mere sweetness. Even me, a diet watcher, I can't really accept its original bland flavor. Haha! But you can always add in fruit like banana slices to add the sweetness.


"100% natural floral honey sachets packed separately. Honey is a natural flavor! Add accordingly to your preference. NutriBrownRice™ (Honey) is still categorised as a low sugar beverage even if you add in the entire sachet of floral honey. Honey promotes better sleep, boost memory and this is an excellent energy drink. It's a perfect match with brown rice. Ladies' favourite!"


"Our pure brown rice powder is produced with state-of-the-art American technology, contains no addictives, perservatives or artificial colorings. Natural nutrients retained and nutrients absorption improved. The natural brown rice original aroma would surprised you! A small amount of brown sugar enhances its taste to further motivate you to consume regularly. Suitable for all. Distinctive taste!"

Wonder Queen says↧
This is definitely better than the 'no sugar added' one.

This is from yesterday's morning. I had the original flavor.

Is it HALAL?

Yes, it is HALAL Certified. Besides, it also obtained the highest food safety standard - ISO22000 by UK Accreditation Services.

Where can we find it in Malaysia?

You may find it in Cold Storage, Aeon Supermarket, Sam's Gloceria, Popular Bookstores and also some selected pharmacies or hospitals.

How about internationally?

This product line is also available in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Europe.

Who can consume it?

Literally all ages. From kids to old folks. It's healthy with acceptable flavor.

How to drink it?

I saw an interesting article from Korea. They mentioned there are two ways to eat it. One like the porridge, just add in 200ml water. Another one is like the tea, just add in 300ml which is more liquidity. For me, I add much water as I don't like sweet stuff. Haha!

You'll gonna love it if you wanna lose weight and be healthy!

This is after a bunch of pics... Got tired!!! Haha!

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