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SEP MASK makes you feel like breathing in JEJU ISLAND KOREA! {KOREAN SKINCARE REVIEW 2017}

by - August 31, 2017

SEP MASK makes you feel like breathing in JEJU ISLAND KOREA! {KOREAN SKINCARE REVIEW 2017}

OMO! I can't believe today is the last day of August in 2017! Time has been passing and ticking in Superman kinda speed! So, tomorrow is SEP! This is why I keep the BEST til the last. SEP mask for SEP month! Have you ever heard of SEP mask? Nope. Me too! 😂 So, let's get to know SEP mask further together!

SEP comes from one of the top Korean Beauty brands which uses the natural, clean and unpolluted key ingredients from Jeju Island, South Korea. Its selling point is definitely the specialty of matching every skin types. Plus, SEP applies the high technique of "Air Pocket Sheet" formula. What is that? It has those tiny airy spaces on the sheet mask which halt the access of air and to lock in all of the essence and nutrients into your skin. Plus, SEP is proud to highlight that their sheet masks are designed intelligently and perfectly to fit all of the face shape. No matter you are Fan Bing Bing or Happy Polla (these are the BEST contradicting examples that I could ever come up with haha).

**Thanks to Butterfly Project and Mamasang (Tammy from Plus Size Kitchen) again for this box of KOREAN SKINCARE products!

I really adore how they present this to me~
Isn't it sweet that comes with a customised note and faux flowers.

Let's unbox this together!
So, it comes with 4 box of SEP mask. Each box has 5 pieces and you may buy it from Watson Malaysia at the price of RM5.90 per sheet or RM24.90 per box of 5 sheets. This SEP introduces 4 types of varieties. They are SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask, SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask, SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask and finally the SEP Tangerine Brightening Mask.

I had tested them and now, let's see whether my review is aligned with theirs.

SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask

SEP says➡️ This soothing mask comforts irritated skin with green tea leaves ingredient grown in Jeju, making healthy and moist skin.
Wonder Queen says➡️  When you place this Green Tea Mask onto your pretty face, you'll be breathing in the light green tea scent. It's really soothing by just smelling the scent. If you're a working lady living in the hustle bustle kinda stressful life, this is a perfect choice for you. I don't know how it works but I just feel relieved after using it. The mask moisturizes your skin too.

SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask

SEP says➡️ Nutrition supply of honey ingredient extract from Jeju Canola Honey.
Wonder Queen says➡️ OMG! This is my FAV! Out of the 4, this excites me the most! When you first cut off the packet, you'll be embraced by the strong and intense smell of honey!!! It smells hell ya good! BTW, it makes me thirsty too as the honey scent is so strong. Moreover, I think this nourishes the BEST as you'll literally feel awesome with your newly born dewy face. And it kinda lifts my face too, feel like my face is getting smaller in shape after applying this mask. DAEBAK!

SEP Tangerine Brightening Mask

SEP says➡️ Brightens dry and dull looking skin with tangerine ingredient grown in Jeju to make clear, transparent skin.
Wonder Queen says➡️ OK! I haven't tried out this! Haha! Please try it by yourself and tell me how you feel by commenting down below ya! Keke! 😏

SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask

SEP says➡️ Ultra moisturizing mask gives hydration to dry skin with cactus fruit ingredient grown in Jeju, Making moist skin.
Wonder Queen says➡️ This smells with a light cactus fruit scent. But you can strongly feel the essence does such a great job on your skin. It makes your skin dewy and moist as well!
OK! I think the best way to review the mask is to showcase how it looks like on your face and how your face looks like after the pampering session. Shape wise, I think by far, this SEP is the BEST out of the BEST mask that fits my face feature. I have a big nose and a pizza-alike face, so a lot of masks from Taiwan and Korea do not really cover my face up. And this SEP impresses me by fitting all areas on my face and makes me feel I'm not being discriminated. Haha! I normally will put it for about 30-35 mins. After taking off the masks, you may then apply your skincare products as usual without rinsing your face again.

**I did wear cloth OK! Just that it's a tank top!

All in all, I really recommend you girls to have a try on this SEP masks from Jeju Island. The underlying reason is that you'll feel like as if you are in Jeju Island while using it haha! All of them smell so great!!!

It's time to bid a farewell and see ya!
Happy Merdeka!
Buruh Nelayan dan juga petani...
Gaya Hidup Kini dah berubah~~~
Anak-anak terasuh mindanya....
OK STOP! hahaha!

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