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G Hotel International Buffet Dinner BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!!! YUMMY FOOD! WHY NOT?!

by - November 07, 2017

G Hotel International Buffet Dinner BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!!! YUMMY FOOD! WHY NOT?!

G Hotel International Buffet Dinner BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!!! YUMMY FOOD! WHY NOT?!

G hotel Gurney is one of the 5-star hotels in Penang which located next to Gurney Plaza. They offer different types of buffet and today I will focus on their International Buffet Dinner. It is available from Sunday to Thursday at the price of RM120nett per pax. The good news is they are currently having ‘Buy 2 free 1’ offer for all types of buffet! Sounds good right? Don’t say BOJIO ya! 

G Hotel Gurney has currently appointed a new Executive Sous Chef who has more than 25 years’ working experience in various hotels to present the guests with a series of new buffet menus in Taste Cafe. For those of you who have not tried their food, it is the time to do so. 

As you can see from the photos below, there is a good variety of food available including salad, cheese, desserts, soups, local and international mains and etc. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that one of their specialties – Lava Stone BBQ is also available to satisfy your appetite. For you information, lava stones help in deliciously browning grilled meats and veggies. What goes great with grilled meats? My answer is BEER! Just add RM75nett for free flow of house beer and wine to complete the meal.  

As a girl, I have to introduce the dessert to you first! Here you go!!!

Desserts➡️ Assorted Nyonya kuih, jelly and mousse, tarts, cakes, chocolate fountain, hot desserts, cendul, fruits, sweets and many more (Basically you name it, they have it). If you are a Cempedak lover, please try their Cempedak cake! No joke, it is the best Cempedak cake I have ever eaten. Sad news is… it will not be available all the time as it is a seasonal fruit (Taste Café uses only fresh fruits in baking). (Wonder Queen says: I'd tried their Durian Mousse Cake before and it tasted totally like heaven!!! You can check out the pic here➡️

(Wonder Queen says: OMG! Chocolate fondue?! I wonder if they will serve cheese fondue the next time... hehe!)

(Wonder Queen says: My dad's FAV! TARTs!!!)

(Wonder Queen says: OK! I must admit that this jelly beans remind me of Harry Potter! Haha! As I just watched Harry Potter in Marathon way on last weekend.)

(Wonder Queen says: Is this bread pudding? I want it!)

So, if you wanna go back to your Asian root, you may just opt for the local desserts~

Alright, let's be normal and fill our stomach will warm soup first~ Haha!

Action Stall➡️ G Hotel's fried koay teow, chicken and lamb Satay with Peanut Sauce and condiments. 

It is quite rare to see lamb satay in Penang especially in a hotel’s café. If you are curious on how it tastes, give it a try. Besides, their fried koay teow was able to compete with some of the hawker stalls in Penang.  

Carving Station➡️ Lamb leg with Bbq mint sauce, daily Chinese roasted duck, chicken or steam chicken with gravy.

Local & International Mains➡️ Grill Fish Fillet with salsa and lemon butter, Spanish Seafood and Meat Paella, Beef with Chili Soyu sauce, Black Pepper Mussels, Pasta with cheese sauce & etc.
Paella is a well-known Spanish rice dish which containing rice, beans, meats and some seasonings such as saffron. There was something extra in their Paella; seafood such as Mussels and shrimps has been added to create the delicate ocean flavor. Delicioso!

Salad bar➡️ Iceberg lettuce, romaine, red chicory, lollo rossa & lollo bionda lettuce, rocket, young corn, capsicum, red cabbage, celery, carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, broccoli. This is a paradise for those people who are health-conscious and on a diet. (Wonder Queen says: Definitely not me~ As I have already 24/7 on diet~ Haha! Noshing once in a while is not a bad thing though~ Haha!)

If you have some constipation problems... Fruits are your best friends!
Some dried fruits~

Grill Corner➡️ Grill Angus strip loin, grill lamb chops, grill spicy chicken sausage, grill white shrimps, grill smoke duck breast, condiments (such as black pepper sauce, BBQ sauce, mustard, mint sauce, ketchup, chili sauce) and etc.
There was one thing I loved the most from this station. THE SMOKED DUCK BREAST! It was succulent and the saltiness was just nice. To be honest, I had more than 5 pieces (fat die me). (Wonder Queen says: What is DIET?! Haha! Sis, don't complain to me on your weight ya! You have to pay for what you gain!)

(Wonder Queen says: I think you guys would wonder on the ambience, let me show you ya~)

The environment and seating in Taste Café~

Appetizers➡️ Smoked duck, hams, smoked salmons, kerabu udang, tapas, cheese platter with nuts, dried fruits & pickled fruits, assorted crackers, rojak, pasembur with condiments & paste, etc.

A variety of cheese is offered for cheese lovers. Cheese and wine is a perfect match! That’s why I paired it with a glass of red wine. Heaven! (Wonder Queen says: I like CHEESE!!! But I don't like alcohol! Still underage~ *thick face*)

What I had (FYI, not all are in the pictures lol):- (Wonder Queen says: but mostly right?! Haha!)
(Wonder Queen says: Sis, can you stop drinking? Aigoo!)

The live band at the G Lounge is available every day except Monday. You can listen to the songs they performed while enjoying the food in Taste Café. 

Last but not least, our pictures taken in the café and thanks G Hotel for the gifts.

(Wonder Queen says: This post was being drafted by my Sis, Christine again~ I was busy at that time so she was my proxy! Thanks to G Hotel for the invitation and so so sorry for the late late post!)

(Wonder Queen says: He is my Bro. I have to share with you guys a funny thing which happened just now. We went to one store together and that salesman asked if he was my dad!!! OMG! Haha! His heart was broken and kept asking to reassure that it did not have anything to do with his appearance~ The problem was that salesman~ Haha! I have to address him "DAD" from now on~)
Details of G Hotel Gurney:
Address: 168A Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-238 0000

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