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LaZior MayterLynn Purple Sweet Potato Healthy Drink for WEIGHT LOSS!【REVIEW】

by - November 08, 2017

LaZior MayterLynn Purple Sweet Potato Healthy Drink for WEIGHT LOSS!【REVIEW】

LaZior MayterLynn Purple Sweet Potato Healthy Drink for WEIGHT LOSS!

Alright, it’s the year end again~It means a lot of feasts would happen eventually.Annual Dinner?Year-End party?Boxing Day?Christmas Party?It’s all about EAT, EAT, EAT and EAT!

When you wanna feast, the BEST tip is to replace your snacks with a healthy option.
I believe the majority of us would always stuff ourselves at the workplace or school with those unhealthy food.
Popcorns, nyonya kuih, fried banana fritter, chips etc… You name it.
Here to your rescue, you can now replace them with this Lazior’s MayterLynn Purple Sweet Potato Healthy Drink!

Not only for afternoon tea, you may also drink this in the early morning as breakfast or even for supper.

 What are the quality ingredients in MayterLynn?

It contains a total of 20 ingredients including Purple Sweet Potato powder, black glutinous rice, black eye peas, soluble fibre, brown rice, black bean, pearl barley, inulin, black sesame, red bean, wheat, apple fibre, oat bran, green bean, sorghum rice, flaxseed oil powder, oat flakes, soy bean, buckwheat and stevia extract. 
A lot right!

 How about the function?

  • Provide necessary nutrients daily
  • Reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, inflammatory diseases, colon cancers, gum disease, tooth loss
  • Control of weight, healthy arteries, blood pressures level, blood sugar level
  • Steer clear of constipation
I think the main ingredient is the purple sweet potato as I taste this flavour the most. It contains cereal oat as well which could literally fill you up.

Moreover, it’s astonishing me as it can also relieve menopausal symptoms, improve eye sight and it’s good for pregnant women too.

 MayterLynn is free from sugar, preservatives and colouring. 

So, it’s safe to drink for everyone above 1 year old (you may seek for doctor’s advice too).

 How to enjoy MayterLynn?

This afternoon, I finally got to try this out.
It’s really easy actually. 
Just like how you make a cup of milo haha~
Put in MayterLynn powder, pour in warm or hot water and stir it.
You may now enjoy a cup of warm healthy drink!
It depends on how sweet you want.
For me, I won’t put a lot of MayterLynn powder as I prefer a blander version haha!

Alright, I hope you guys enjoy reading this post and see ya!

Wonder Queen.

**Thanks to Seventyfive's David Yap for this product review. And I'm so so sorry for the everlastingly late posting~ Bianne~

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