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【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket

by - January 05, 2018

【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket \\ 【Bangkok MUST-BUY MUST-SHOP】BIG C Hypermarket CHEAP or not? GOOD for SHOPPING? 

【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket

泰國曼谷就是個購物天堂。東西往往比我們馬來西亞的便宜。這次去泰國曼谷旅行前,我三姐做了些功課,方便我們瘋狂購物哈哈~她們之前有去過這家Big C大超市了,而我與爹娘都是頭一次。我也看到很多部落客都給了很多好評,說那裏的東西都很便宜、值得一買。Big C大超市是全泰國第二大的超市。在BTS的Chit Lom站6號出口下車,就能抵達Big C了。但如果沒有記錯的話,是必須走一段路的。今天就與大家一同分享我對Big C的評價。

Bangkok Thailand is a shopping paradise. The prices are cheaper than here in Malaysia most of the time. Prior to our trip to Bangkok Thailand, my 3rd sis namely Christine had done some good works in order to ease our crazy and impulsive shopping spree~ Haha! They did go to this Big C Supermarket before, but it was my first time, same goes to my parents. I also read a lot of good reviews were rated by those bloggers saying the pricing there was affordable and worthy. Big C supermarket is the second-largest hypermarket operator. You'll get to Big C by BTS at Chit Lom station 6. If not mistaken, you have to walk for a few minutes. Today, I'm gonna share with you all my experience and comment towards Big C.

*謝謝💓喜歡本宮上回泰國合艾自由行的朋友,如你有興趣閱讀➡️ 【泰國合艾2016】RM499 玩翻2天1夜的自由行·廉價旅遊攻略(二)Budget Trip to Hatyai, Thailand.

*Thanks for loving my last post of Free and Easy Travel to Hatyai, Thailand, if you are interested in reading this, (click the link above⬆️)*

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Big C大超市真的蠻大的。發覺到外國人的比例多於泰國人。裏邊有賣很多商品,令郎滿目。但是我們都發覺到Big C大超市所賣的價格沒有格外地便宜。跟我們在本地馬來西亞買的差不多。沒有好象部落客說得那麽誇張的好逛。所以,我並不怎麽推薦特地來Big C大超市血拼。很快地,我們就逛完了。手裏只有幾包比較便宜的零食哈哈~
Big C Supermarket is really monstrous. I saw more foreigners than local Thai. There are lots of merchants. But, we figured out that the pricing at Big C is not cheaper. It's almost the same with Malaysia's. Not really as good as how bloggers exaggeratedly described in aspect of shopping. So, I don't really recommend to purposely come to Big C Supermarket for shopping therapy. We finished our shopping session in no time. Only a few cheaper snacks in our hands haha~

來到了熟食部,是我們大家開始興奮的時候了~ 特別是我爹。。。(大家不要留口水哦!)
When it came to cooked food section, it was our time to be exhilarated~ Especially my dad... (Don't drool ya everyone!)

【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket
Boxes of bento. A thing really amazed me was their black rice bento~

【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket
They also have economy rice stall.

【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket
Packaged grilled fish, roasted chicken, roasted pork knuckles etc.

【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket
Due to my curiosity towards the thing on the right hand side, I captured it. Anybody knows what is it? Haha! It looks like soya bean curds, but being drizzled with salty minced pork alike topping.

【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket
Happy parents with grilled pork skewer~ Haha!

【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket
新鮮包裝的泰國熱狗、香腸、炸豆腐等。上排是各種口味的泰式辣椒醬料。但是那些醬料都不好吃。。。哈哈!一瓶要價大約馬幣1(10 baht)。
Freshly packed Thai hot dogs, sausages and fried tofu. There's a variety of Thai spicy sauces on the top roll. But those sauces are not tantalising... Haha! Around RM1 per box of sauce(10 baht).

My dad insisted to buy their pork knuckle slices and some other local snacks. Not managed to polish them off due to the not-so-toothsome taste. Haha! So, they are just pretty on the outside.

The following item is not the bad item anymore! It's the one our whole family fully recommend...
【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket
水果汁!!!這些都是罐裝的,有很多口味。一罐大約馬幣3.5(35 baht)。他們買了3-4罐,但是大家都覺得鮮搾的更好喝!!!
Fruit juice!!! These are all in bottles, a variety of taste. Around RM 3.5 per bottle(35 baht). They bought 3-4 bottles but we still prefer the freshly blended fruit juice!!!

【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket
就在隔壁而已,現搾的一杯只需馬幣3令吉(30 baht)!!!超值的的!一杯可以選三樣水果。有香蕉、火龍果、西瓜、蜜瓜、蘋果等。很多道地的泰國人前來購買哦!絕對新鮮、絕對好喝!!!
It's next to it only, around RM3 per cup of this fresh fruit juice!!! Super worthy! You could choose 3 different fruits for a cup of this fruit juice. They have bananas, dragon fruits, watermelons, honeydews, apples etc. There were a lot of local Thai buying from this stall! Promisingly fresh and yummy!!!

【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket
Although my uterus will be cooled, but I still could not resist to drink a few more gulps! Fresh and rich fruit juice, who can resist it?! We downed the first cup and continuously bought a few more cups haha!

【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket
U see how happy and cheerful there are while drinking it!!!

【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket
It was mooncake festival during that time, they also celebrate mooncake festival too. There were a few stalls selling mooncakes~ I'm not sure on the taste as I did not try it~ Haha!

【曼谷必買必逛】BIG C大超市到底便不便宜?好不好逛?Bangkok Supermarket
This was taken by my dad... so called 'the vision of boyfriend'... haha!

終結來説,如果你是想血拼買伴手禮的話,我並不是很推Big C大超市。但如果你問我還會不會去Big C大超市呢,我會說很有可能。因爲那果汁哈哈!
All in all, if you wanna shop for souvenirs, I don't really recommend this Big C supermarket. But if ask me whether I'll still come to Big C Supermarket, I would say there's a possibility. Just for that fruit juice! haha!

I hope you enjoy this humble and honest sharing. Let's catch up next time!

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BIG C Supermarket

Address: 97/11 Rajdamri Road Lumpini, 10330 Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand.
How to get there: BTS Chit Lom Station (At the opposite of Central World)
Operating Time: 9am - 11pm daily
Tel: (66)2-250-4888

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