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by - May 26, 2012

                    Now, I'm watching this movie which starring by Stephen Chow. I love this movie so much! It makes me laugh from the very beginning until the end! Erm, actually I have not finished watching it yet because I am now busying write my blog for you guys. Very good to watch during my school holiday! 
                    I really like Stephen Chow so so so much! He is very talented in making people laugh of his careless nonsenses. I am his fan since I was a toothless kid. Recommended. Oh Last week I went to Langkawi. But seems like I have no mood to update for Langkawi Trip because I am now really eager to continue my movie. So, I would update it either on tomorrow or 'the day after tomorrow'... Choi! 
                     Here to promote some songs that Ive found really great to listen to. 
  1. Call me maybe. 
  2. Tarantallegra-Xia Junsu
  3. No gain-Xia Junsu
  4. Dr. Jones-Aqua
  5. Mr. Postman-The Carpenters
  6. Swear it again-Westlife
  7. Come on over-Christina Agruilera 
                    Okay Let me continue my movie ya! Just ate a piece of Domino Pizza bought by eldest sis. Haengbokgae! Hiak Hiak. Few selcas that taken in Langkawi will be uploaded now for a preview. Haha
When I was in the Langkawi.

Selca by my sis...Samsung Galaxy one haha
This movie lah that I am now watching...

Hope U guys like this too.
So, anneong!
Salam Sejahtera ya!

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