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Winter Warmers

by - May 17, 2012

                   Last couple days, I went to Winter Warmers at Queensbay Mall for having dinner with my family. I was tortured by exam, so I decided to have a break in order to calm myself down. Haha! Around 5p.m., we arrived there.
                    Just few tables there were crowded by diners. But there was a group of teenagers who made noise in this elegant and relaxing circumstance. Maybe they are young and full of energy. They really annoying by time. Okay! Let's talk about main topic. Since my sis has the membership card, so, we were having so many worthy discount at there. All pasta was sold in half price on that day. So happy and delighted. 
                    I ordered a Seafood Cheese Baked and a pot of peppermint milk tea. Here are the photos I had taken on that day.
This is what I made by using their table cloth. Haha.

This is the Peppermint Milk Tea. P/S: Very refreshing. Personal recommended.

Seafood Cheese Baked. Very tasty and the cheese texture is really good. Plus, they served with 2 big mussels and 2 fresh prawns. I loved it^^!

All of us shared this scone. They even provided us the Taylor Swift's favourite, cream!!! I missed them crazily. Even my dad was falling in love with Scone!

Daddy and Mummy! I snapped it due to they requested me to do so! Nice shot!
We've stayed there for 3 long hours. Talking, giggling, eating together!
It's good to be a member of Winter Warmers. They provide customers tons of promotion!
Alright! End of stories!
*Sem 3 examination is over with happiness!!! Yeppi^^

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