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The belated birthday gift!!!

by - May 11, 2012

                     I received a very late birthday gift on 10th May 2012. Haha. It was in the afternoon, when I was still in my pajamas. The Mr. Postman came to my house and kept pressing his horn outside my house. Me and my 4th sis were frightened and surprised by this postman. I asked my sis to go out to receive the stuff but she rejected to do so because she was in her ugly pajamas too. Then, I went out. 
                     The Mr. Postman called me Adik and directed me to take the box which put in between the cell of my main gate. Wow, a box. I thought that it was from my 3rd sis Fans who adore her for such a long period. But I saw my name on it. Haha. Honestly, I recognized the scripts on it at the first sight. My guessing was correct. 
                 Then, my 4th sis was eager to know what was in this box. So, I opened it without hesitations. When my 4th sis saw the box of thermos, she was like, "OMG who is this person? So Old school one?". She lost her enthusiasms and got back to her own position. Me too. I felt like living in such 70s. Haha. After I unwrapped it, Oh, it was a Starbucks bottle. And a letter inside it. My 4th sis was like very curious and stole it away from my hands. She claimed that the bottle was very pretty. 
                     I read the letter and it made my heart moved. Really! Especially thanks to my best Chingu, Hae B and that Mr. postman. Haha. Okay, next time I'll phone you as my rubbish can whenever things weigh me down to the max. But probably you have no chance to hear my phone call because I've break up with that pervert! Haha What a good new!
                     No worries. I would phone you in my future for something else, maybe I'll get married few more years. Haha. After reading your letter, I've been in lots of thoughts. Few years ago, when we were young and naive about the aged of 14, we've been through a lot of unhappy things. Something brought us to the sadness that we did not expect. I could not remember much. I just knew there was misunderstanding between us and few more friends. But, that the past. Don't ever look back. The most important is present and also the future. Don't ya think so?
                     Okay, let me stop at here. My exam is near and I use my break time to update this. Lastly, another big THANKS to you!!! Love you!!!
Me with the gift!! ^^!

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