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DOME at 1st Avenue

by - May 19, 2012

                    Yesterday after going my last meeting with DMDS committee members, my sis steered me to the 1st Avenue for dinner. We first set our feet at SUBWAY. I ate a Subway of the day and I was captivated by the cookies which near the counter. I really wanted to have one. I was very lucky that they had a free cookies survey in coincident. After payment, I used my phone to connect wifi and then did the survey. Eventually, I got one piece of chocolate cookie! Hiak Hiak!
                Later on, we found there were still spaces for us to put food into our stomach, we regardless went to Sushi King. I ate two plates of sushi. We are the queens of big stomach! 
                   When we passed by the DOME, we felt wanting to dine in, and so, we did it. I personally think that DOME serves with not very expensive price. We ordered one ice blended and one set of scones. After the delicious and attractive foods been serving on table, we started to snap lots of picture. Here are some pictures... ...
My 4th sis, she loves this pic so much.

Me! My sis claimed that I looked sexy in this pic! haha

A young me! Selca!

This is the scone we ordered. I think it's so good for me! Gained my appetite!

My 2nd sis. She reluctant to take pic but ended up posing!


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