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[Kdrama Spoiler] Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart Ryeo 달의 연인-보보경심 려 Episode 8

by - September 20, 2016

Hey guys, if you guys haven't watched this, be sure to check this out! I really like this drama! I watched the Chinese version before but I still prefer the Korean version as we've got more handsome and most importantly YOUNG guys! Haha! The story line is totally different from the Chinese one and I found it a bit more cheerful. My Malay friends like it so much as well haha!
Yesterday was the Episode 8, I think it was quite interesting. I can't wait for today's one. The most highlighted moment from this episode is that the 4th prince - Lee JunKi got bullied by the stupid citizens 'yu min' in Mandarin. They threw him I don't know what exactly it is but I think most probably is the sand or soil or something haha. He was being chosen to pray for the rain yet those citizens thought that would only worsen the situation by asking someone looks like a monster with scar to pray to GOD. Then here you go, IU helped him to apply makeup haha to cover the scar and then the next day, same routine as the day before but with the scar being covered. Those citizens start to appreciate it and pray with him. Haha LOL... 

In a nutshell, Lee Junki would be the next KING coz it rains and by the rule, if it doesn't rain, he should be dead, if rains, hehe it would be his realm~ Nice one! But IU is afraid at the end as she thinks that he would be the fierce king if he were a king. Then the end. Haha!

Just a little spoiler to share. The lesson learn here is we should not follow the majority in chasing the things they think are right, we should always do the things based on our own concrete and rational thoughts. Like those stupid citizens, if I were Lee JunKi, I'll kill them haha right after the crown is mine! So be careful of me ya! Keke!

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