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Long time no see KIM GARY 香港🇭🇰金加利茶餐廳!!!

by - September 24, 2016

{Long time no see KIM GARY 香港🇭🇰金加利茶餐廳!!!} What's up guys!!! This post was happened on today! Haha! I'm pretty effective today! Do you guys still remember Hong Kong KIM GARY Restaurant 香港🇭🇰金加利茶餐廳? Or just me? It's been ages since I last dined in there. Haha! Previously, it was Bosco Wong 黃宗澤's face on its advertisement but it doesn't have any ambassador or endorser nowadays! No more handsome guy to 'kap' d!
Pretty serious face huh?! Serious on wondering which one to order... This is a pic from HuaWei! My 3rd sis just bought it and always likes to take pics randomly! I was her target today! 

Alright, I shall start with the morning till the night ends. Erm, yesterday I was watching the HK TVB drama, I can't remember the name but it's about lawyer one. Then I can't tahan lagi so I just fell asleep on the sofa at around 10.25pm and when I woke up, it was 12am already... Not sure why I was that collapsed haha!

I woke up quite late today at 8am something. You know what, I'd been quite lazy these months from May 2016 til yesterday. I didn't hit the GYM and did not even jog on the parade outside my house. I don't know why but today after I woke up and weighed myself, I decided to have a morning jog. It's not because of my weight has been increased, it's still the same but I just think I had been stressed out lately and my doctor asked me to exercise too. Hence, no excuse for me, fitness attires on, one bowl of red bean soup plus milk, headed to the outside and jogged in the sun. I definitely felt weaker if compare to my old self but I managed to finish the 10 round running session in 25 mins.

After that long and fun jog, I came in to have the weight training. I took out and spread out the yoga map and started to do my training. This was what happened on me...⬇️ 
My stupid Pinky Pong 🐶, she first wanted to sit on the map, I scolded her and she kept speaking in her dog language beside me and purposely let me smell her odour! SHIT! Trust me, that training was like so suffering! Haha!

 Had an apple and red bean soup again for snacks, then Christine asked if I wanted to go to Queensbay and I said OK coz I don't like the fish that dad cooked today. That type of fish carries an odour that I don't like. After Jackson was back from work, we headed to Qbay. Christine said what do you wanna eat, her all time slogan and I retorted I knew you already have the answer in heart kkkkkk! She always says chincai lah but actually she has a firm answer within her. When I said, ok, let's go for Dave Deli's and she kept quiet, this meant she didn't want it. Then I said, aiya, you decide lah bro! Sushi Tei, in the midst of walking to the restaurant, I suddenly thought of KIM GARY. They fully interested in it and so we...Hahaha!

Years ago when I was in secondary school, there wasn't a cafe trend and so everyone was like pretty infatuated with KIM GARY and SAKAE...blah blah blah... 2 of them said it made them reminisce back the time they first met and fell in love ❤️ haha! I said it reminded me of me myself was so fat and plump~~~haha! What do you guys usually order? I used to love their shichuan spicy noodle and french toast. Now, I only know that the french toast is actually same evil as the set lunch with rice!!! They are almost the same calories!!! Hence, I ordered...⬇️
We ordered the set lunch and this is mine! Chicken Teriyaki blah blah rice [RM17.50]. Haha! I chose the Russian Borscht soup over the buttery soup. The soup is not that sourish but nice. The rice is a bit hard to chew, not nice, I think it's the cheap rice haha! They gave me the black sauce which looked like an empty bowl here. I just gave my drink to Jackson coz I can't drink the old drinks.

🐔Chicken is quite fresh and tender but I think it's quite small in portion. Hehe! It looked like a lot but actually those underneath were vegetables! The cabbage, a stupendous amount of it! I was stuffed after taking this without taking the rice! I gave my rice to them.

Korea Hot Stone blah blah rice ordered by Jackson. This is so NICE! It's quite fusion though coz the topping is like octopus, mushrooms...anything that you could find in Japanese sukiyaki soup. The flavor is nice! But so HOT! My tongue and mouth got burnt a lot! Haha!

My 3rd sis's one - the portion is so HUGE! GIGANTIC! It's like a BIG BREAKFAST! Corn, sunny side-up, cherry tomatoes, hot dogs, bacon, pork, chicken, fries...with tomatoes sauce base!!! BOOM! This is so high in calories!!! But the french fries tasted so YUMMY!!!

 After that, we walked here and there. Chanced upon the Star walk kinda registration event. And....we had signed up!!! My parents as well!!! OMG! So impromptu! RM20 per person but you have lots of free gift, I even got 2 free entrance tickets to the teddy bear museum which cost RM36!!! So worth it!!! Around 4pm, we headed back home as they are now probably eating at the night market in Bangkok🇹🇭! So, I did this! Little SPA session for myself! Haha!
Right now, I'm lolling in my couch... ... Eating...milo...kiampia....oat...carrot cake...and tomorrow is gonna be another pretty busy SUNday as well!!! BYE!

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