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{YOUTUBE} Fall Autumn Makeup for BREAK UP 2016 || 秋天超夯分手難過妝容

by - September 26, 2016

{YOUTUBE} Fall Autumn Makeup for BREAK UP 2016 || 秋天超夯分手難過妝容
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Are you in LOVE? Are you just becoming a SINGLE after a long and unstable relationship with your EX? BREAK UP? Or you've never been in a relationship? Despite any status, I think when a door is being closed, another will be eventually opened for you by GOD or how we call it as ANG KONG. Breakup isn't everything. Breakup literally means you gotta find another better one. Breakup before married is much better than divorce. Stay strong for BREAKUP in this Fall / Autumn 2016!  

[REAL STORY] Not mine defintely!!! Just some of my friends had been broken up with their EX-boyfriends recently. Factional of them are crying like hell. I just feel so emotional whenever seeing them losing their confidence towards themselves. So, I was inspired to do this MAKEUP which is pretty match for you to wear it to a dinner alone or meeting a new guy. The hairstyle here is pretty freestyle, middle-parted with a half-updo. As for the eye makeup, I used the Korean trendy champagne pink colour as eye shadow and drew a pair of droopy eyeliners. For me, I have pretty fierce and energetic eyes, that's why I purposely drew downwards for the eyeliners or else I'm gonna end up looking like 'I wanna kill my EX' kinda look! Haha!   

In a nutshell, I wish everyone would have a fantastic and dreamy fall / autumn this year in 2016. BEAUTY is within you, SMILE and FINGER CROSSED!   

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「華語翻譯」 妳是否還在戀愛中?或是與前男友經過了一段漫長,不穩定的愛情,現在已是單身了?分手?還是從來沒戀愛過呢?無論如何,當一扇門被迫關起來時,上天一定會開另一扇門🚪給妳的。分手不代表全部。分手代表妳會找到更好的。分手好過離婚。姊妹們👭一同在這秋天2016向分手這件事,堅強起來!  




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