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Weight Loss Diet Secret Tips // Mooncake Mid-Autumn Festival

by - September 05, 2016

{Weight Loss Diet Secret Tips // Mooncake Festival} Hi lovely girls! Alright! I need to admit that I only assume girls will have interest in this topic of Weight Loss, Diet and Fitness. Haha! I think many guys would only focus on gaining muscle mass rather than giving a glimpse on their calories intake. If you're the one in the million (a guy who do care of your calories), comment down below and peal me off! Haha! In this article, I'll tell you how much calories a mooncake has, equal to how many bowl of white rice and how to steer clear of getting fat during this festival

For this update, I wouldn't write in bilingual. If you wanna know the details in Chinese/Mandarin version, then you should head to the video below for it!

The underlying reason behind me not doing the above video in bilingual either is because I think this is more relatable to a Chinese or Taiwanese or Hong Kong ppl. However, I do receive some emails saying that they don't understand Chinese but wish to know more about the info from this video.

I don't really know much about this Mooncake Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival. I just know that my family usually eats mooncakes without even throwing a scan on the full moon outside the windows! Do you like mooncakes? Previously, I did. But now... after I knew about their dirty little secret.... It's a BIG uh-uh for me!

Mooncakes calories:
A normal mooncake is equivalent to 2-3 bowls of white rice!!!
This sounds so bad! I suppose you consume 1-2 bowls of white rice per meal. But I don't think that you'll only eat a quarter of it. Most people would end up eating 2-3 whole pieces of mooncakes just at one night. Mooncakes are worse than white rice as by producing a mooncake, you need lots of sugar, oil, and other bad ingredients like salted eggs (it's pretty yummy though!).

1 double salted egg yolks lotus seed paste mooncake - 190g - 800kcal (if you are not familiar with the calories figures and you're not sure how much it is equal to - like you eat a bowl of meat gravy rice + a bowl of Russian Borscht Soup + a glass of Teh Tarik)

1 salted egg yolks lotus seed paste mooncake - 529kcal - 1.9 bowl of white rice

1 five kernel ham mooncake - 475kcal - 1.7 bowl of white rice

1 fruity mooncake - 355kcal - 1.3 bowl of white rice

1 yolk pie (dan huang su) - 250kcal - 0.9 bowl of white rice

1 yam or taro pie (yu tou su) - 300kcal - 1.1 bowl of white rice

1 pineapple cake (feng li su) - 268kcal - 1 bowl of white rice

1 Sun Cake (tai yang bing) - 460kcal - 1.6 bowl of white rice

1 snow skin mooncake - 116kcal - 0.4 bowl of white rice

1 ice cream mooncake - 525kcal - 1.9 bowl of white rice

Way to prevent gaining weight during Mooncake Festival:
1) Control of your daily calories intake
When it comes to this festival, it'll always stay close to the BBQ thingy! Do not eat BBQ anymore if you intend to eat lots of mooncake! You may opt for salad. Do not drizzle the mayonnaise on top of your good friend - salad as mayonnaise contains a high level of oil and sugar as well. If you find that it's too bland, you may squeeze some lemon juices on top which may help in detoxing and perhaps lessen your inner stress or worry of eating too much haha!

2) Eat more of fruits and vegetables
This is somehow linked to the above one. But do remember not to eat excessively. One fist of amount per meal is acceptable. If you stumble upon the scenario of not getting your craving for mooncake fixed but in the meantime you wanna lose weight, you may use this approach to stay full.

3) Cleverly choose your beverages
Normally, Malaysian would go for the packaged or canned soft drinks or that kind of unhealthy box of juices which always narrates the healthy sense. Do not drink that! You may drink the gift from the GOD, water which is 0 in calories, tea or coffee. For those who struggle with insomnia, please do not take coffee at night. This will definitely affect your sleep and bear in mind that you'll get fat if you are not getting a good and sufficient sleep daily. As for green tea, in Chinese way of perception, green thing is always cold for our Asian especially Chinese. Hence, I suggest you opt for Oo Long tea rather than Green Tea.

4) Cleverly choose your mooncakes
From internet, I found out that doctors suggest that 1/4 of the mooncake is the best portion for everyone each day. They also claim that by having five kernel mooncake is better in spite of high calories as it contains nuts which are extremely beneficial.

5) Do not believe the low-fat / diet / low-sugar mooncakes mushrooming on market
Actually, they are all the same. Maybe it'll have lesser calories, but it also contains sugar and oil! Isn't it? People would always be out of control when the words related to low-fat or diet pop out and they'll eventually be tempted to eat lot more than usual.

6) NO snacks!
Please don't eat any more snacks like peanuts with shells, junk food and the must-have water caltrop or better-known as ling jiao. All of the items mentioned above are all categorized under 'carbohydrate'!

7) Exercise and work-out
Shake it off girls!!! There's no easy way to get figure like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid! MOVE now!!!

Alright! I wanna say BYE! I'll do more diet/fitness related videos in the future! Please comment down below if you have anything to share with me!

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