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{Youtube}【減肥小教室】中秋節如何與高卡路里的月餅決鬥? | Diet Tips

by - September 01, 2016

【減肥小教室】中秋節如何與高卡路里的月餅決鬥? | Diet Tips

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Hello! I had launched my brand new show which is the most anticipated and requested from you guys - Sammy's Diet Talk. Still remember 4 years ago, I was fighting with those fatty tissues. The progress and process are super long and might be dismaying, it needs lots of guts and persistencies. I'll share my weight loss tips on how did I lose 20kg next time. I hope that this could be able to help you guys in nailing and mastering the knowledge of weight loss and diet. Right here wishing you guys a Happy Mooncake Festival! Haha I almost burst out saying things related to chinese new year! Hope you like it! If you like it, remember to hit me a Thumbs-up and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more ya~ See you next time! 

 **I'm not a pro in diet or weight loss. I just wanna share the things that I'm interested.  

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