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Dear all DOG LOVERS // Corgi & The Gang Pets Cafe @ Tanjung Tokong, Penang.

by - September 23, 2016

{Dear all DOG LOVERS // Corgi & The Gang Pets Cafe @ Tanjung Tokong, Penang.} Hello! Anneong! Recently, I'm being thrown with questions of where is the place filled with doggies that I went to a few weeks ago. So, I decided to blog it just for those dog lovers! I won't be writing in Chinese this time round so bear with me! Do you have a DOG? I have 2 but 1 had just passed away last year. A lot of ppl like dogs but they don't have the chance to pet one. Maybe they live in apartments or flats, have the so-called dog fur allergic, so on and so forth. Previously when I was still in kindergarten, my mom used to HATE fellow with fur. That's why my mom used to always nag at my dad whenever he brought back a stray pitiful dog from the hawker centre...
A pretty shot for the superstar - Corgi! *I still yet to watch the 'Secret Life of Pet' keke~ Is it nice?

I used to afraid of these little ones, but after adopted Cutie Miu (terrier), I started to step beyond of my comfort zone and fell in love with them. Cutie was a stray but branded dog. I bet she was running away from her previous owner's house just to ferret for food like KFC. Haha! So, I think this cafe is really suitable for those who really love DOGS! Besides, if you have a serious sweet tooth, go ahead and have their desserts, you won't regret it for the additional pounds on the next day you weigh haha!

If you are interested, this is the VLOG of that day:

They only have a page long menu~

As for the interior design, I think they prone to have the feel of modern and freestyle. Do you see the pipe on the wall with light bulbs? This is so modern!!! An extra point added on that day coz I saw a lot of pretty girls chilling at there! Phewittttt! So, guys readers, be ready ya! 
You may also find some groceries here! But just for dog one lah~ Do you see the caps on the right below? That's for human! Haha! I like it so much but it's too expensive!

I took a pic of this because I think this is kinda exceptional and I didn't know what it was at first. It's like a tool or machine or something for you to actually put the dog's food into the pink tank and set it how frequent and how much do you want to give them each day. This is quite suitable for those who are going for a long trip. 

Pet salon~ I didn't ask for the pricing as this place is way too far from my house so it's no point for me to fetch my dog all the way long just for a fur cut haha!

Receipt of the day! Self-service where you have to pay first at the counter. Better to call in and book for seats or else you'd have to wait for minutes just for a seat.

Apple Kiwi Yogurt Smoothies RM11.90

Mango Peach Smoothies RM11.90

Sweet Waffle with Vanilla Bean Ice-cream RM18.90
The yellowish sauce drizzled on top is salted-egg sauce. I personally like it so much. As for the waffle itself, crunchy and flavorful! The use the Kapiti ice cream which is from New Zealand and I think it's quite top-notch. It's heavy but not as heavy as Baskin Robin's one. The salted-egg sauce will soon be solidated as it's warm but the ice cream is cold on the other hand so they kinda have this love-hate relationship in between. JJANG!

Spaghetti Mushroom Aglio-Olio with Smoked Duck Breast RM21.90

With Venessa and Kelvin while waiting for 'HOOT' - buddha~ Haha

After the sweet stuffs, we were boosted in sugar level and good enough to play with the dogs! This Corgi is kinda 'dua liap' like a VVIP as the cafe owner said that he's still sleeping and we should not wake him up haha
After like 15 mins, he finally woke up from his sweet dream...more in the vlog above.... haha

We like the logo!!!

The pic on the right took Kelvin for years to produce it haha this is so called nv shen 'Goddess' pic! You have to point out your feet like 45' tiptoeing!

Epic version haha! Alright see you guys next time! Thanks for reading if you're still here!

Details of Corgi & The Gang Pets Cafe
Address: 80-P, Jalan Mount Erskine, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 George Town, Penang.
Business Hour: 12pm-10pm (Mon-Fri)
10am-10pm (Sat-Sun)
Tel: 016-428 1028
Parking: Their carpark space is limited so you just have to explore the streets at the back and see if there's any potential place for you to park without getting fined haha Make sure it doesn't have the double yellow lines ya!

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