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Photo of the DAY #4 \\ Korean Inspired Red Floral Dress for SUMMER - being under the SPOTLIGHT!

by - May 31, 2017

Photo of the DAY #4 \\ Korean Inspired Red Floral Dress for SUMMER - being under the SPOTLIGHT!

Summer is coming again! Time is ticking so fast without our permission! Wasting your youth is the last thing you want! That's why I started this category - Photo of the DAY! To showcase our photography skills and also to capture the youth of the moment. They all wore cool tone outfits without any intention on that day, and I was the only one who wore something SHARP - RED!!! Talking about RED, may I know where the hell is Taylor Swift? Haha! Alright! Let's start our potd tour~~~

I set my DSLR on the table and took these pics. QIONG, we're waiting for you!

If you wanna know how was the food there at Buu's Kitchen & Shia's Granola, CLICK HERE!!!
Candid shot while we were waiting for those photobommers to leave us alone!!! Haha!

And for the sake of our ongoing photoshooting, they required me to let them practise using my DSLR... and this happened... 😝
What is this?! 😐
Pretending to touch your hair~~~ haha! 😜

WEY!!! Always got this facial impression and the exact gesture one! haha! 😅😅

This is funny haha 😆😆
Nice pose but where were my eyes??? keke 😦

When I asked them to have a candid shot, and HAE B was like... finally it's my turn to shine haha! 🙆
Lady MEG! She always so enjoys the photoshooting! I like! 😇

Always ready for the cam!

Those legs~~~

Her fashion is more to the western style... American bohemian style~ NICE!

My OOTD ➡️ Dress from Forever 21, bag from Taiwan... blah blah blah I'm not good at this haha Not a fashion blogger material keke!
MOTD - Makeup of the day ➡️ Christian Dior eye pallette, 3CE highlighter, pure beauty CC cream, Kate mineral loose powder, Maybelline Lipstick, Nature Republic Eye Brow Pencil, Kate Eye Brow colour dye, NYX lipstick as blusher.... still a load... haha

Impromptu topic, I'm so sad that SISTAR is gonna disband!!! OMG! Our teenage idols! 😢

See U!!!

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