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Halfwake Cafe // 相逢恨晚 @ Lebuh Melayu, Georgetown, Penang.

by - August 21, 2015

[槟城美食攻略] Halfwake Cafe // 相逢恨晚 @ Lebuh Melayu, Georgetown, Penang. Finally, I got to visit this new cafe which has been launched not long ago. Several bloggers claimed that this is cafe with unorthodox selfdom kind of cafe due to its operating time (just 3 days from Fri to Sun), plus only operates begin from 6pm onwards. Haha!终于来到了这一间新开不久的Cafe啦!很多部落客宣称很有‘个性’的店家---因为一星期只开3天(五,六&日),而且只经营晚上六点后的时段哦。哈哈!
I felt extra exhilarated and excited once I heard Ally said she wanted to JIO us to this cafe for a try. Since they JIO me at Saturday night, I intended to try my luck on asking Sharene about which cafe she would go later at night. Who the heck knows that we would visit the same cafe! But she would be with her friends. Haha! Profoundly thanks to Ally for fetching me go and Sharene for steering me back (sorry for treating so badly to your new car door) haha! We'd just noticed on its logo at the outside but there was no way for us to discover its main entrance... Haha! Actually,you have to walk along the corridor until the very end and you'll see the main entrance. However, once I stepped in, dim lighting, it's akin to the old-school westernized 70s kind of feel. Haha! As I climbed on the staircase, 'Yee..Nyeeek..' it sounded so quite scary haha but the interior design is classy yet simple. Are you familiar with the America Soap Drama? Like 'Glee' the main actress used to rehearse her dance steps in the dancing room where there was the ceiling to floor window. The balcony is also made for the Instagram-worth kind of pics. I'll show you the pics later. But if you really want to go, be sure to make reservation in advance. Like us, we did not reserve with them and they said there was being fully booked. Fortunately, Sharene and her friends had made reservation so that we could only be able to have pleasure time there. Haha! Their service is good as well. Come, let's see the FOOD first!    
一听到,Ally说要去尝鲜,就很迫不及待了!她们约我上个星期六晚上去,我就碰碰运气随口问问Sharene会去哪间Cafe。怎知又心有灵犀一点通,她也会与她的朋友去这间也!哈哈!非常感谢Ally载我,Sharene载我回。 一 到达那里,只看到招牌却看不到门。。。哈哈!原来要沿着走廊去到后面才会看到大门。但是,一进去,有点儿暗暗的,很有那种‘红毛人’70年代的feel。 哈哈!走在楼梯上也有‘伊。。伊。。’声!但其实楼上的装潢真的很美,你有没有看过那种欧美泡沫剧(Soap Drama)吗?像Glee里边的舞蹈室的感觉。外面也很有feel哦!等下再给你们看照片。要去的话记得记得要先预约!我们没预约,他们说没位子了。幸 好Sharene她们有预约,我们才能沾点光,哈哈!他们的服侍员们也非常的热情。先来看看食物呗!

 So sorry that I had forgotten to take pics for their menu....Hhaha! But I think they had already changed their menu items as I saw the menu posted by the bloggers previously was differed with ours. Haha sorry!

 The food presentation is quite high-end and exquisite. Yet, me and my friends think that the chicken chunks are slightly dry. Extra marks would be added only if the sauce is being drizzled on top more. The outward is the bacon and inside is the chicken chunks. (Inside Out the cartoon seems nice leh! haha pretty desultory but I just want you to know haha) You guys should give it a try as everyone has different kind of tastebuds right? The salad at the side contains potatoes cuts.


I did not try on this one as this is Karis's. She said it is a little bit greasy to her liking. 这阿美我就没吃过啦,因为是Karis叫的。她说有一点油。

It's too late for us to encounter each others!!! Haha! My previous primary schoolmate named Miko! 相逢恨晚的同乡,小学很要好的童鞋。Miko!

Ordered by Sharene----Pesto (Apparently based on the green shade of the pasta). But she said she does not like it haha! Sharene叫的Pesto(一看也知道因为是青青地)。她说不是很合她的胃。

In order to let you guys see how gigantic the proportion... After made our orders, the waitress sincerely delivered glasses of water to us. Food dish-up is quite speedy as well. But on that day has only one guy who just sang one song followed by the hush interlude for quite long. And then he continued his solo performance but fortunately it was nice to listen after all. (it'd be quite scary if the performer sings sucks like I'd experienced b4 which triggered me unappetizing...haha sorry for being honest here! But I think most of you would feel the same way as I did right?)

Too late to encounter each other ver. 2 ---Karis who is also my primary schoolmate but we were not classmates haha You are so skinny, greasy food won't do anything to your body!!! haha! 相逢恨晚的Karis,也是小学童鞋哦!好瘦哦你,吃油一点也无所谓啦!哈哈!

Finally reunited! 终于又聚在一起啦!

Our pretty and glam Kelly sis, you may visit her cafe as well named Marlon's Cafe (I haven't been there though haha). 富太Kelly姐,有空去她家的Marlon's Cafe坐坐哦!(阿美我自己也还没去哈哈!)

The pan-seared / pan-fried salmon piece was being cooked perfectly on that night. Crunchy skin with a tender salmon meat chunks. Veraciously, we were more fond of the sides! Sweet flavor salad which brush off the greasiness on your tongue. JJANG! 店家的三文鱼煎得恰恰好,皮脆肉嫩。但旁边的Salad更加吸引我们哦!甜甜的汁,吃了很顺口清爽的感觉。赞!

Ally who always JIO me to work-out recently! 很爱约我去运动的Ally姐!

Carbonara which I think it's quite OK to my liking. At least the spaghetti carried the Al Dente textures. The 3 gigantic prawns were pretty fresh on that night. But when it comes to unshell it...hehe pretty mussing by using only fork and spoon. Well, it was pretty nice opportunity for me to train myself and possess this feat and stunt of defeating the shelled prawns. Hehe!奶油意大利面。阿美我觉得还蛮OK的。至少面条是有弹性的(Al Dente)。3只大虾也很新鲜。但剥壳的时候就会比较麻烦啦。也好,训练一下用汤匙和叉解决这难题。哈哈!

Sharene, I don't know how you could capture in this way haha only my face is clear...Wait it's positive or negative?? Yay or Nay? Haha! Sharene太会拍了,拍到只有我是明晰的。哈哈!
Selfie or whatever wefie is the in rage belief...Haha! 自拍是一个信仰。。。哈哈!

Let me cultivate this belief! 让阿美我自拍一下!

This is the chandelier on the corridor's ceiling and it seems stupendously ablaze especially on night! But romantic and photograph would somehow attract the hit and run so be extra careful on this case!这就是外头的吊灯啦,晚上开灯更漂亮!但浪漫归浪漫,拍照归拍照,请小心避免抢劫犯哦!

Can you see the little LOGO out there? (Excuse me for the poor lighting dealing) 注意看那小小粒的LOGO。(不好艺术,这一张反光,看不大到。)

The is the view from their balcony. (ATTENTION PLEASE below would have a lot of our photos...) haha! 这是楼上走廊外头的美景。(请注意!!!下头将会有一堆咱们的肖像。。。)

It was Ally's idea, until now I don't really grasp the concept behind this shot haha Luckily we did not capture the supernatural thingy....Ally姐的主意。。。我也不晓得为何要拍背面。。。幸好没有拍到不明物体而已。。。

My part time job as a photographer haha 我的杰作。。。我只是业余的哈哈!

Captured by Kelly, although a bit blurry but I just don't want waste her effort! Haha! Kelly姐拍的,虽说有点儿模糊,但别浪费她的一番心意。哈哈!

Ally has nailed it in photographing! Ally姐真的有一手好摄影的技巧哦!

Hello! Kelly what are you doing?! Kelly,你在干嘛?!
New cover for the cartoon Totally Spies haha! Totally Spies新封面哈哈!
A stream of crazy 3-dimensional girls! 一群不正常的三元次们。。。哈哈!

Hello Sharene look at here!!! Sharene真是的。。。在看哪里呀?!
My fellow old friends! Happy to see you guys in real life haha Thanks to FB for the connection...相逢恨晚的同乡们;小学童鞋。。。很开心与你们相见哈哈!

College mates! 研究所的同窗们。

An additional supper for me aka my late bday cake pretty late haha Thanks to Ally and Kelly for this! Tiramisu from China House CLICK HERE to see the review! 额外的肖夜,迟来的生日蛋糕。谢谢Ally和Kelly给的小确幸!China House的提拉米苏(按这里看看我第一次去China House的经验!!!)
I really like the bumpy nuts which are sweet and they sounded like Kach Kach... haha My dad likes it as well! Luckily it's Tiramisu which is being soaked in rum and coffee. I think the other cakes from China House are too dry to my liking. 我超喜欢那外面崎岖不平的豆豆粒!甜甜的,卡兹卡兹的。。。连我家老爹也觉得很好吃哦!幸好是提拉米苏,毕竟是浸泡在酒与咖啡里。不然像其它的蛋糕,我们都觉得很干。

Te dreary starvation made me lose all my stern diet rules...haha! 因为很饿所以放弃了减肥咯!哈哈!

Their menu is simple (one page only): Mains, Pastas, Salads, Desserts and drinks. Yet, I think it's kinda pricey; our dishes priced in between RM18 to RM32. If you ask me the taste, I think it's so so (I'm not a learned foodie just everyone has different liking degree, however my friends did have the same state of mind as mine). You guys should really try it, since the interior design would let your camera flashes its lights like mad (Instagram Purpose)! Haha! Be sure to make RESERVATION!!! 这家的餐单很简单,只有一页而已:主餐,意大利面,沙拉,甜点和饮料等等。但是,阿美我觉得价钱有点儿偏高,我们点的料理都介于RM18至RM32之间。假如你问我好不好吃呢,我会说一般般咯(我也不是什么美食家,只是各人口味不一样啦,但我的朋友们也和我有一致的想法)。但,你们真的可以自己去试试看,因为里边的装潢真的可以让你的相机拍到暴(Instagram Purpose)!哈哈!但记得记得预约先!

Details of Halfwake Cafe
Address: 24, Lebuh Melayu, 10100 Georgetown, Penang (nearby Yellow Lips Cafe)
Taken from their FB
Business Hour: FRI-SUN 6pm-12am
Contact Number: 012 350 6789, 012 569 3131, 04-262 0131

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