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Ssambap 쌈밥✿韩国餐厅 | Korean Restaurant @ Krystal Point, Bayan Lepas, Penang.

by - August 08, 2015

[槟城美食攻略] Ssambap 쌈밥 韩国餐厅位于Krystal Point,Bayan Lepas的相信大家应该不陌生吧。开了有一段日子了,一直想吃但因近期比较忙碌,所以没有多余时间去光临。而且,这店家就在我公司的不远处,只要走几步路就到的距离(大约2分钟,其实也蛮远的啦哈哈!)。 这次,阿美我很开心终于吃到了!哈哈!与同事友人一同有个‘臭韩式烧烤油烟味’的午餐。Ssambap 쌈밥, a Korean Restaurant which is situated in the Krystal Point building at Bayan Lepas, Penang, it supposedly not that unfamiliar to all of you right? It had been launched for quite some time, I always wanted to try it but due to the recent insanely-packed schedule, I don't have any spare time to cafe-hopping anymore. SOB! Plus, this Korean Restaurant is just nearby my workplace, about a few steps away (approximately 2mins, actually is quite far haha). This time, I'm so delighted as I finally visited it! The other day,  I was having a 'smelly Korean BBQ smoky' kind of lunch.

Once I stepped in, I had been allured by this gigantic piece of traditional Korean fresco. The drama 'Dae Jang Guem' had somehow occurred to me. Haha! They stick with the simple and straightforward interior design, it's quite soothing. 

其实,我也不知道她是不是老板娘。。。哈哈!这家的服务态度还蛮好的说。Actually, I'm not so sure whether she is the TaukeSor haha! But the service is quite obliging.

让爱食客们看看餐单。。。(只是一部分)Let you guys TamChiak ppl to have a peep on their menu (just several parts)

上班族OL们也可以选择这超值套餐,全包,吃到你饱饱。也有宅配外送服务哦。Office ladies and gentlemen can also choose the promotion Lunch Special item, all in one until you explode your own tummy. They provide delivery service as well.

等待中。。。狗仔队出动!其实,我们那一天会吃酱好料,完全是为了KWEK!哈哈!她那天穿到那么漂漂,可以说是性感小尤物呢。这种打扮根本不适合在那种有’七沟北‘(好色的Uncle)存在的咖啡店,会很危险。其实,也是因为我们自己刚好想要吃啦!哈哈!While waiting for food... paparazzi's time! For all practical purposes, Kwek was the bedrock we went to eat this protein-overloaded food. Haha! She wore to pretty on that day, too sexy like a cat (사뿐사뿐-AOA) haha. This kind of outfit does not suit to have lunch at hawker centre/coffee shop where there is a lot of Hamsap uncles haha, too perilous. In actuality, it was also because we wanted to eat lah! Haha!

隆重介绍阿美我的同事友人给大家认识呗!Kelvin和Kwek。他们都超哈韩的:FT ISLAND,AOA,STELLAR。。。OMG!A solemn introduction for you guys, Kelvin and Kwek who are my colleagues and pretty (extremely) insane of KPOP.


然后,小菜就被送上咯。你要吃多少都随你的意。但是这家的小菜基本上是属于‘普普’级的。韩食之主要关键---泡菜也非常的‘特别’哦。你们自己去尝试呗!我们都觉得他的泡菜经过烧烤后会比较好吃。小女是觉得他的泡菜有种新年是喝的Shandy的味道,哈哈所以是蛮‘特别’的。但是他们都很乐意帮我们再送上小菜,所以服务方面还蛮棒的。Then, the side dishes had been delivered. It's refillable. Frankly speaking, the side dishes are just so so. The Korean signature side dish---Kimchi here is also very 'special'! You guys should try it by your own. We all think that their Kimchi is more toothsome after being BBQ. I personally think that it somehow relates to the taste of Shandy which we drink during CNY which is why I label it as 'special'. But they are remarkably being hospitable in refilling our side dishes which I think it's a good point to add mark.

五花肉 Grilled Pork Belly 삼겹살 Samgyeopsal (RM 25) 
*最低订购量至少两份 Minimum order two sets
下图的配料也是一同送上的。那青辣椒是不辣的。。。这是没有包括米饭的哦,所以你要另外叫米饭,一碗RM3。Picture below is the complementary sides. That green pepper is not spicy at all... This is not inclusive of rice, so if you want to extra order rice, you have to pay RM3 per bowl.

过后,他们就会呈上这一个让这店家脱影而出的烧烤板。特别点就在于它旁边的四个凹陷,两个是让你蒸蛋的,另一个是让那五花肉的油汁滴进装满泡菜的,还有另一边是放些大蒜片的。After that, they sent on their signature BBQ grilled plate. The especial remark is actually the four low-lying parts: 2 for steamed eggs, 1 for kimchi to be cooked with the spilling pork oily juice and another one is for the random garlic pieces.

 您所看见的只是一人份的五花肉。其实是多的啦,但是味道不够入味,只像是普通的原味烧烤。然后呢,这家是没有抽油烟筒的,所以假如你要去,就记得选好风水位,阿不然叻,就会像我和Iping酱来个‘油油腻腻’的烧烤美容蒸脸哦。哈哈!Now what you see is only the one pax amount of pork slices which is quite a lot but the flavor was not enough and not to my liking. It tastes like a run-of-the-mill original taste of BBQ pork slices. One thing to dock the points is the absence of the fumes pump (I don't really know what it calls, haha, as long as you get what I meant). Hence, if you want to go there, please DO remember to choose a fatalistically good feng shui kind of seat. Or else, you'd end up enjoying a free 'greasy steam facial' service like me and Iping. haha!

我们那天有山寨版的刘在石帮我们烤肉,Kamsahamnida!On that day, we've got a pseudo version of Yoo Jae Suk to dish up for us.

多叫蒸蛋呢就必须多附款RM5。但阿美我觉得这没什么特别到我会再叫的说,只是口感顺滑。其实没什么味道,就像一般在家DIY的蒸蛋。我家老爹的蒸蛋还比较合我的胃口。Extra steamed eggs order costs RM5. I don't think it is gripping enough in taste which will I reorder it again, just barely good in the smooth texture. Not very extraordinary, just like the normal homecooked DIY steamed eggs. I personally think that my dad's steam eggs are way more suitable for my fussy appetite.

 嫩豆腐锅 Soft Tofu Stew 순두부찌개 Sundubu Jjigae (RM18)
已包含米饭一碗,陷料蛮多的,味道清淡。但不是很合我们的口味,结果吃不完这一道。。。哈哈,但是你们也可以去试试看,因为每个人的口味不一样嘛。This is inclusive of one bowl of rice. The ingredients are respectable but the flavor was just bland. Not our cup of tea, ended up left almost half of it on the table untouched... Haha but you may have a try too since everyone has different degree of flavor theory.

辣炒年糕 Stir-fried Rice Cake 떡볶이 Tteokbokki (RM20)
对我来说,一点都不辣。起先吃觉得还可以,但越嚼越好吃,然后就几乎一半以上都到我的肚子里度假去啦!哈哈!这家的年糕QQ软软的,咬劲十足,酱料也很浓很够味,就差那个爽到爆的辣劲。可是我的友人却说还好。。。哈哈!In my state of mind, this is not spicy at all. Initially, the taste was not really impressing me but as I bit into it more and more, it became tastier. I think I ate almost more than half of this dish. Haha! The rice cake is well-cooked with a elastic yet mellow texture, al dente with a rich sauce. Just the spiciness is not at the right amount to be tossed in. My colleagues revealed that this was just at the so so degree...Haha

吃了这餐过后,完全没劲做工了,因为太饱,太帐了。可是也是头一个小时罢了,过后又开始饿了,大概是最近怀了鬼胎。。。哈哈!After this nutrient-packed lunch, I abruptly felt energy began to falter and too bloated to continue working. But only for the first 1 hour, after that I started to feel hungry and empty again...haha

开动之前的小仪式。哈哈!A small ritual before raising up our chopsticks and spoons! Haha! #asianbeingasian

当天的消费单。好啦,那就下次见啦!*我没有去到他的厕所也,假如你去了可以私下通讯我干不干净哦!Receipt of the day. Okie, see you soon (perhaps)! *I didn't go to their toilet so can't provide any comment on this, so if you went before, you may secretly email me and tell me whether it's clean or not. haha!
Details of Ssambap 쌈밥✿韩国餐厅 | Korean Restaurant 
Address: 1-1-24, Krystal Point, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang. 
Business Hour: 11am-3pm / 5pm-10pm (EVERYDAY)
*I think they should somehow apply social media platforms so that people will get more info about them...

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