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Black Kettle Cafe @ Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang.

by - August 30, 2015

Black Kettle Cafe is the newly launched cafe in town at Beach Street, Georgetown of Penang. I went there on last Sunday with my 2nd sis, Karen in celebration of my flying colours result in Degree (I'm not gonna reveal it here coz I'm not that kind of boastful person. Yes, I paid the bill with my very first salary gained from the sweat and tear (not that pitiful though, just exaggerating) working days. Just a couple days ago, I were being smothered by heaps of timesheets, leave application forms and MCs for the payroll purpose. I guess now you grasp a better understanding of my job description right? Haha! Now, I only have my own ME TIME to update my own space. 华语翻译下一次咯!不好艺术。。。
Let's reminisce back with photos!!!

Below is their menu with only front and back in total of 2 pages. I still remember that we parked at the lorong behind of this cafe. Luckily, it was green notice board which means we do not have to waste our car coupon! Took a few steps to this cafe, stepped into their back door. Hesitated where to have our seats. Walked to the front, we saw the bakery and then full packed with heads. Thus, we walked our way back to the backside of this cafe. Randomly, we sat nearby the door. I wanted to go to toilet first only make order but my sis insisted on ordering food first. Alright, I think my ureter is broad enough for this while. The waiters were seemingly losing their directions in serving. Yet, this is forgivable as they had just opened this cafe not long ago.I stood up and raised up my hand in order to get attention from the walk-by waiters. Abruptly, a lady handed us their menu and explained to us that only the highlighted items are available. Not later than 1 min, we decided to change our spot again to the middle peculiar seats (later I show you the pics). After ordered, I rushed to the toilet. Their toilet is another BOOM coz it's really high-end in some respects and I like the basin so much!

The owner served us this set of breads with butter and jam as he said he felt sorry to let us wait for the food (the kitchen was busy due to the crowds and stacks of orders). I'm not an expert when it comes to bread, but I think it was Sourdough. I like their bread, kinda bouncy. The jam is fresh as well not too sweet, I think it's also one of their own masterpiece. They even served us a kettle of warm water as per request, how sweet and kind they were! Superb service! While waiting for our food, we got to use their speedy WiFi to online! Another point added! I really hate to go places which do not provide WiFi and have us waiting like FOREVER!

Softshell Crab Burger (RM 28)
I don't think we had to wait for too long until the food had been served. Originally, we ordered the Salmon Sandwich but too bad their salmon had being sold out, that's why we reordered again and chose the soft shell crab burger. Tadaa~~ This was my first time trying the amalgamation of soft shell crab with burger bun. So excited!!! The first remark is the fluffy bun, I like it so much! I think they spread butter and some sugar on the bun which makes it sweet with the hint of buttery. The lime mayo sauce is so sui generis sourish. The whole flavor is toothsome. But it'll be better if the sauce is being drizzled more. Overall, I like the whole concept of flavor. As for the french fries, I only ate one as I'm not a fan of french fries (calories issues keke). Fortunately, my sis likes to eat it and she finished it entirely and claimed that she wants to order just the french fries itself. OMG! She never cares of calories.

My roommate aka Karen.

This is what you'll see when you cut it into half. VEGE is my all time FAV!

OK, when someone wants to take your unglamorous photos, just pretend yourself as if you're 24/7 camera-ready! They did provide us knife and fork but I insisted to used the most traditional way (bare hands) to dig in.
Sorry for the TAMJIAK face! Focus on the burger will do.

Smoked Duck Pasta (RM 28)
Karen's all-time-favourite--something creamy and cheesy which normally is high in calories. I think it tastes delectable, creamy and cheesy just like what I expected. We call it Carbonara as it physically looks akin to this category what. It stated garlic cream. As for the thin-sliced smoked duck, it's not too chewy and hard. The texture is good. It'll be better if it's being involved in this dish more. And maybe a little kick of white wine (not sure whether had they added it but I couldn't taste it thus far.) to enhance the flavor and to make it more one of the kind.
The overall is good. Pertaining to the pasta, just me I  personally think it can be more al dente texture. But Karen said she like it to be softer.

Alright, let's see the interior design. Aiya, I forgot to take pics with the toilet. Hence, this triggers you guys to pay your own visit to this cafe! Muahaha! *evil

One of the owners, she is so nice and elegant! I profoundly feel in this way.

Kindly find the receipt below for your own perusal. (I had already used to write in this kind of formal sentences) Ya, got 6% GST. To be honest, the pricing is slightly higher than the other cafes that I'd been to. Nevertheless, it's always worth for a try as the interior designs are Instagram-worthy!

Thanks the lady owner for this pic!

You should also try their coffee as well as I heard it's quite sapid.
The homemade bakery, you may have a try as well.
Almost sold out.
CAKES!!! I want to try it next time!
OKAY, I'm gonna stop and head to another cafe-pampering again! With my daddy and mummy! BYE!

Aside to those who secretly email me to update on my past vacation to Korea, Kuching and Taiwan, I'll try my best to do so! No worry and enjoy your 31st Aug holiday!

Details of Black Kettle Cafe:
Address: 105, Beach Street, 10300 Georgetown, Penang. (nearby the Bomba station)
Business Hour: 7.30am to 11pm EVERYDAY
Contact No.:  +604- 251 9270
Facebook Page: Black Kettle Penang
Website: (I think it's still under construction.)
Service Charge 10% ; GST 6%

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  1. Wow, that soft-shell crab looks really delish! I've only tried soft-shell sandwich before and even that is already pretty tasty. I'm sure the one you tried is even better. :)

    1. Wow your soft-shell sandwich sounds really toothsome! This one was nice but i expect more sauce on it haha! We're totally the foodies!


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