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Teenager's Tumblr inspired summer picnic/party!!! {PART 2}

by - August 01, 2015

Teenager's Tumblr inspired summer picnic/party!!! {PART 2} This time I won't update in Chinese as last update also did not complement with Chinese. Haha! Just me with my freaking lame and not convincing excuses of do not want to write in Chinese. Sorry for this unprofessional side of me. Last few updates were in dual languages, well, I received lots of reverts on how I wrote wrongly... Shameful! But it was sometimes caused by the auto typing. Okay! Don't talk about nonsense again! Coz I wanna watch 'OT with ghost' the HK's TVB drama '鬼同你OT'! Have you guys watched it? I think this drama is so funny haha! Plus, I'm now working as permanent so this drama relates to me pretty well! Okay I'm so lazy to write the nonsense so let's see the pics!
American-next-top-model-inspired kind of pose! V.O.G.U.E
The last girl to arrive who was blamed for our orchestra-ongoing tummies!

Snapped all those good memories!
Model-like fake candid-shot but why just 3 of us getting into the theme?
Crazy one...

Finally getting our forks and spoons ready!

This was my old kiddy plate and the fork and spoon which I stole from the Cathay Pacific Airline haha!

The magician of the day to keep us girls feeling magical and infuriated (coz the magicians normally do not disclose their tricks!!!

Haha! Titanic theme! Rose, you sure you want to jump??

MAGIC TIME!!!大马的刘谦!Better to get his signature first or else once he is in rage, it'll be harder to get his signature than to climb the Penang Hill (to me, hiking is dreary and tremendously scary plus tough!!!)

"I wanna be on TOP, nah nah nah nah nah nah~" Today, 2 beautiful young ladies stand before me, but I only have one photo in my hands.... 
---Tyra Banks

Dear Megan, I miss your cake!!!!


Punishment of losing the game!
End with a kiss from our MEG!!!

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